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It's become my absolute obsession to find out what will make musicians successful today. In the face of many obstacles, and in the vast sea of the internet, we have an opportunity that has NEVER been available to us in the history of the music business.

The 3 biggest MISTAKES musicians make on Facebook (and how to fix them)!

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If you’re a musician, singer, songwriter, composer, or even an industry professional and you are NOT using Facebook to build a fanbase, you are missing out BIG TIME.


Facebook has been one of the most important things I’ve used to propel my music from a hobby to a 6-figure career, all as a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t tour.


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That sounds kind of hard to believe to some people, because they’ve been on Facebook a while now and haven’t seen results anywhere close to that!


There’s always a reason why things work for some people and not others.


It’s not a game of luck or chance on Facebook. We’re dealing with human behavior, emotions, algorithms, and data.





Let me fill you in on what you might be doing wrong so we can fix it right away.



Using your personal profile to promote your music 

What’s wrong with that? There are four reasons why you want to STOP using your personal profile.

  1. It’s against Facebook’s policy to use your personal profile for business, and that includes anything you have for sale, including your music.
    Your personal profile is meant for friends and family. That’s why they cap you at 5,000 friends – because, realistically, you don’t have personal relationships with more than 500 people (let’s be honest), but they still allow a larger number for, say, acquaintances, work colleagues, etc.
    This friend limit was put in place so that it would keep the newsfeeds personal. The last thing you want when you’re trying to interact with friends and family is to get spammed by people you hardly know about their latest vitamin MLM. I’m a big supporter of small businesses and even network marketing, but I always tell my MLM friends that they need to stop promoting on their personal page if they want to build a business, and start building a FOLLOWING of people on their business page, based on a certain lifestyle, common interests, and community. THEN people will want to buy what they have. The same thing goes for our music. We’re going to do the exact same thing.
  2. You are capped at 5,000 friends on your personal profile. Why would you want that?
    It makes absolutely no sense to limit yourself when you’re trying to build a fanbase around the world.
    We’ve already talked about why Facebook has this policy, but the fact is that some people reading this right now are going to be stubborn and keep their personal profile JUST because it seems they get more interaction on their personal profile. The reason is that’s where you’ve put your focus. Plus, Facebook’s algorithms are designed to show friends and family’s posts first. If people are on your friends list, yeah, there’s a bigger chance they’ll see it.
    I believe the pros of that do not outweigh the cons and the bigger benefits of having a professional Facebook fan page.
    So how do you get people from your personal page to your business fan page?
    I suggest you make a public post explaining that you’ll be moving all your music posts to your new (or old) official fan page. Explain you want to keep things a little more separated in your personal life and music life. People will understand. Give them a heads up, and also let them know that they can interact with you on your fan page, where you’ll be very ACTIVE. Then copy this post and put it in the public “about” section of your personal profile. That way, when people are searching for you and sending you friend requests, they’ll see why you haven’t added them, and they’ll also see the link to where they CAN interact with you.
    Another reason you do NOT want to use your personal profile to promote your music is…
  3. Google does not spider your personal page but DOES spider your professional business page. What does that mean? It means Google sends little bots to search for keywords, phrases, and interests and “spiders” pages to find them. This is what gives you an SEO ranking when people search for certain terms. Google does NOT send those bots to your personal profile, which gives you NO added benefit to posting your music there as your primary social media marketing channel. Google DOES, however, spider your professional page. That means that, every time you post, all the words and images you use go into Google’s systems as it searches for relevant keywords, hashtags, and key phrases. This is how potential fans will FIND you in search results. Oftentimes, if you’re using a Facebook page properly, this is how you get on the first page of Google search results. Good enough reason for me!

  4. Lack of boundaries: fans and stalkers will have access to you day and night. If you’re just starting out, this might not seem like a big deal to you…yet. But eventually, you will NOT like the fact that any and all fans can reach you any time of the day or night. Many of them just assume that if you’re online and they have access to your profile, they can simply converse with you and message you whenever they want. And, mark my words, they will. I learned the hard way when I started getting some creepy messages and people borderline stalking me. Keep in mind that you have your very personal friends, family, and loved ones on that same friend list. They can access this. They can see those people commenting on your kids’ pictures. I believe privacy and security are an issue here. So, for that reason alone, it’s a healthy and safe idea to separate your music page from your personal/private profile.
    And one of the bigger reasons you don’t want to use your personal profile for music business:

  5. You cannot use Facebook advertising for your personal profile. If you get to the point where you really want to build a serious following of fans online, at some point you’re going to want to learn how to use Facebook ads properly (I have extensive training on this for musicians). In order to advertise, you MUST have a professional business page.That’s the only way you can set up an ad campaign. You also can’t show ads to your personal profile of friends. That’s not how it works. You CAN show ads to the Facebook page of fans that you’ve been building, though! So it does not help you in any way to build a personal page that you can’t ever advertise to. Just doesn’t make any sense.





Using outdated graphics on your Facebook banner and website

    1. Sure, that photo of you from 5 years ago or 20 years ago is great…but that’s not you now. Plus, most outdated photos and graphics LOOK outdated.Get a new photoshoot done once a year. Get new graphics made for each new release, and update your Facebook banner and social media platforms with the same THEME.It’s a very jarring experience for a fan to see one image or graphic of you on your Facebook page and then go to your website, only to experience a totally different look and feel. What we want is brand continuity. That means we provide a consistent experience across different platforms and channels, which helps establish our brand identity, and it also establishes trust between the consumer and the brand – the fan and the artist.


  1. Secondly, if you’re making your own graphics and banners (and you’re not a graphic designer), stop.  I don’t mind being the bad guy, but I have to tell you: we can tell you did it yourself. Go to or hire a friend who knows what they’re doing and get yourself some professional-looking graphics and banners.Just because we are often VERY creative beyond music, and JUST because we LIKE playing around with Photoshop and Canva, does not mean we SHOULD be doing those things. Our energy would be better spent on making more great music and building our fanbase. Those are things that only we can do. Other people are great at graphics, so let them do what they do best.


Promoting your music in every post

“What are you talking about, Leah? How else am I supposed to get people to listen and buy my music?

There is a time and a place for flat-out promotion. But this is a by-product of doing something far more important: building a community and culture of like-minded people AROUND our music.

What does culture mean? Culture is a common belief, theme, or idea that unifies people together.

We often think of the word in a larger context of the culture of a certain country or something. But as we grow our music and our fan base, we create our own little music eco-system, where there are relationships and transactions.

Those create bonds, common interests and ultimately a THEME.

So, for example, when you go to my music fan page, even if my music isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll KNOW within 3-5 seconds of scrolling what my music is all about, even though I might not be posting all about my music.

Now, the Facebook algorithms have changed a lot. It used to matter that you posted all the time, and some businesses even posted every hour! The reasoning behind that was that people tend to only engage with what appears in their newsfeed, so the goal was to try and be in the newsfeed all the time, which meant they posted every hour, since people are jumping on and off Facebook throughout the day.

The algorithms have changed recently, pushing the posts of pages further down the feed. This means it’s no longer all about quantity. It’s all about QUALITY. The better the quality of the post, the more chance your post has of being seen and getting engagement.

In my mini-course, Facebook for Musicians (FB4M for short), I give the exact details – the whats and the hows of growing a Facebook page organically, as well as a specific formula for the TYPES of content you should be posting that is based around culture.

This, I believe, is the most important thing you can possibly do on social media. It’s the one thing most musicians NEVER think about. They’re always thinking of the end goal, which is sales and followers (and we do need those goals), but HOW they go about it is usually backwards. Building a fan culture around your music solves that problem for good. And it’s something that you can and should continue to do as long as you make music, even if you’re 100 years old!


That was a lot of meat to chew on!! Great job for getting ALL the way to the bottom of this post. I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to grab your freebie to help you transition your profile followers and get them on your official page!



2 Things Unsuccessful Musicians Won’t Do

Musicians ask me all the time,

“Leah, how the heck do you find the time and energy to pursue music with such a busy life?”

  1. I’m a full-time, stay-at-home mom.
  2. I have five children. I homeschool them.
  3. I run my household, cook & clean, etc.
  4. I run Savvy Musician Academy.
  5. I’m a songwriter & put out a new album every 1-2 years.
  6. And I run my private label, Ex Cathedra Records.

HOW DO YOU DO IT?, you ask.

I’ll tell you exactly how.

There’s two extremely important things I’ve figured out about creative people (like me) who NEED to create and produce in order to feel sane.

#1: Creative people need structure.

Tell this to most musicians & artists and you get a reaction that looks like a scene from The Exorcist (LOL).

I get it!

I too resist structure, routine, schedules, have-tos and deadlines.

Something about rules feels anathema to the artist.

BUT… having constraints and structure is the EXACT thing the artist needs in order to be the most productive they can be on planet earth.

We may resist it, but if we can overcome our own resistance toward structure, we might just create the most amazing music we’ve ever created…

…and the world will actually hear it.


Because you’ve mastered the art of self-discipline in an area where 98% of musicians are complete slackers.

That sets you apart already.

You’re already ahead right out of the gate!

2 Things Unsuccessful Musicians Won't Do

#2: There is no such thing as “do it all.”

Hear me now: I do not do all the things I listed above simultaneously!

I attack my tasks and goals in chunks and seasons and I’m deliberate about it.

I know when I’m not in a season of writing. I know when I am.

When I am, I take other things off my plate and I go to town.

I’ve trained my children to do chores and do them well so that it’s not ALL on me, taking up every second of my day.

We currently don’t have a dishwasher (I thought we would die!) but guess what.
The dishes are done every single day, after every single meal, because I trained my 10-year-old how to wash dishes by hand, and it gets done.

I’ve also taught him that if he does a very good job he will be promoted to a more important job one day and one of the other kids will take over that job.

So, lesson: delegate things in your life that need to be done that someone else could do.

Then give them incentives to do a great job.

That could be a friend handling your CD sales and merch that needs to be mailed out.

That could be hiring someone to code your website instead of YOU trying to learn a bunch of geek stuff to save a buck.

Don’t step over a $100 bill to pick up a dime.
Learn this stuff and you will go FAR BEYOND everyone else in your music genre.

You will blow the the other wannabes out of the water because you learned how to actually manage your time and your talent.

Those are the two most valuable assets you have!!

3 Things You Need To Get More Fans

Savvy Musician Academy, the online musician, Leah mchenry, facebook for musicians, music career marketing, music industry education

The majority of artists overlook the most important aspects of building their fanbase.


They get addicted to shiny objects and things like artist profile sites (ReverbNation, etc.), thinking that will help them get discovered and propel them into the spotlight.


Nothing could be further from the truth.


There are actually three aspects a musician needs to develop about themselves that are FARRRR superior to any of those shiny, distracting tools or websites…


Do these three things and it will truly make a difference in your music career.


How can you connect with fans and actually grow your audience?


Let me give you a few things to consider.


Some of this will require some homework.



  • You need a great story.

Sometimes your story needs to involve the one thing you’re uncomfortable with.

For me, it was that I’m a regular “mom” and I have a large family.

That didn’t feel “cool,” especially in my genre of symphonic metal.

You just don’t see a lot of women with a pile of kids in my network. LOL.

So I didn’t want to talk about that a whole lot for the first few years.

And then I realized that one piece of the puzzle was actually what made me relatable.

It’s what separates me from everyone else in my genre.

And so instead of shying away from that fact, I celebrated it and started incorporating it into my story during interviews, magazine articles, and my biography.

And you know what happened? I gained more fans.

You should do the same.

Figure out what about your background, influences, or life events has made you different from the others in your genre, and make that one personal thing you almost want to shy away from the thing that makes you stand out among the crowd!

Get over trying to have a celebrity “mystique” and be a real human with real struggles and a real life, and you will draw fans to you!



  • You need a way to find fans.

This is something I dig into in more detail in my free training class (link below).

What you need to understand is that you cannot grow your following and fanbase organically.

I know, that’s a shocker, but I always promise to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

If you thought that, if you could just release your music into the universe, someone somewhere would hear it and the rest would be history… I hate to say it, but you’ve been dreaming.

I once thought that too.

If you build it… they will NOT come.

You need a shortcut to finding the fans who will love your music and would like to become your new super-followers.

And then you need to turn those listeners into customers that hopefully will buy from you for the rest of their lives.

For more on this particular strategy, click the link at the bottom of this post.

What you need to know, though, is that some highly specific social-media strategies are a key way to do this, as well as a very modest advertising budget.



  • You need a way to engage fans.

It’s one thing to identify your potential fans, but it’s another thing to get them to engage and interact with you.

In the marketing world, there’s a saying that breaks down the entire sales process: “Expose, Involve, and Upgrade.”

Let me explain what this means for you as a musician.

First, your potential fan sees your music for the first time.

You’re a stranger, but something about you, your cover art, your headline, or the music itself intrigues them enough to take some kind of action.

Perhaps they click on a link that leads them to a page with your song where they can stream it.

At this point, they’ve been exposed to your music.

Next you want them to get involved by doing something.

Maybe they sign up to get a free song.

Maybe they are streaming it somewhere.

But they are doing something.

It’s an action on their end that is giving them some kind of result.

Hopefully the result is that they are loving what they’re hearing!

And next would be the upgrade part. You give them an opportunity to purchase your album for a great price or support you in some other way (crowdfunding, fanclub, etc.)

And that is the process that every musician needs to understand if they want to be successful.



The last thing I want you to realize is that if you make music, you are an entrepreneur. You’re a business owner. It means YOU and YOU ALONE are responsible for your success and your outcome.

No one can make people like your music. No one can make you successful.

But… if you have talent, and you have the passion and the drive to be successful AND you combine that with a strategy that works in the New Music Industry, then NO ONE will be able to hold you back from success.

Are You Living the Dream as an Independent Musician?

Are You Living the Dream as an Independent Musician?

As I write this, we’ve recently celebrated Independence Day.


You might not know this about me but, even though I was born in Canada, half my family lives in the USA and I’ve spent a lot of time there.


I always looked forward to the 4th of July – loading up on fireworks and celebrating with my dad and relatives.


One of my favorite Independence Day celebrations was when I was a kid and my dad was living in Northern California (absolutely gorgeous there). We went to a local county fair for the afternoon… Gotta love the sights and smells of the county fair! It’s the best!!

But the reason it sticks out in my mind is because it was hilarious… My dad looks exactly like the celebrity actor Chris Elliot (Groundhog Day)

… and that day it really worked in my favor (as a 10-year-old kid).

We kept getting stopped by people asking him for autographs and pictures, and I got a free pony ride out of it! There really was no convincing these strangers that he WASN’T Chris Elliot!

HA! You just couldn’t convince them. Was really a fun memory for me.


One of the reasons I fell in love with the USA was because of the whole concept of the American Dream…


You can start out as a nobody and become a somebody.


You create your own destiny.


That’s never been more true today.

In the digital music age, some people claim that musicians can’t make a living anymore and the music industry is dead!

But that’s simply not true!

As you probably already know, I made a 6-figure income in music sales last year using the “1000 Superfan” method.

It’s not a new idea, but the ways in which we make it WORK for us have changed.

It was because I figured that out that my husband was able to quit his failing construction job and join my music business.

It’s only because of this very special time and place in history we find ourselves in right now that even made that possible!


I invite you to take a step of faith in your own ability. In your own music.
The American Dream can become a REALITY when you invest in your own skills. The 2% know that.
If you want to increase your income, your fanbase, your recognition in the world… you must get educated.


So that’s what I did.


When I started making a couple thousand dollars every month in royalties – instead of spending it on junk – I invested into business school, marketing courses, seminars and books.


I studied millionaires and what makes them so successful.


Then I took that knowledge and started applying it to the way I promoted my music and built my fanbase.


The result?

6 figures in 12 months. 😱 🙌


But you’re like, “Leah, that’s awesome, but I don’t have the patience, the time, the energy, or $20,000 to invest into business and marketing classes that don’t address my music goals directly… I need results right now.”

I agree! I get it… I had no idea what I had gotten myself into and don’t wish for you to take the long route!! It was a very long, tedious road to get to where I am now.


So why don’t you skip all of that and get ALL the most relevant info you need to know and a PLAN OF ACTION for your next 30 days?


I invite you to change YOUR destiny right now.


Make the American Dream your reality today.


One thing I heard from the millionaires I studied over and over:
==> The only determining factor between success and failure is ACTION.


Anyone can think nice thoughts about what they *might* like to do one day.
But it’s the action-takers that will build an amazing fanbase, get the recognition their music deserves, and get the attention of the world!

Artsy-Fartsy Nonsense Musicians Say…

Savvy Musician Academy, the online musician, Leah mchenry, facebook for musicians, music career marketing, music industry education

You know what’s complete baloney?


Musicians who think that focusing on the business side of things somehow adulterates their “art.”


That somehow learning about marketing takes away from the love and passion of music.


That to focus on success means you’re not focused on making the world a better place simply with your music.


That is artsy-fartsy nonsense!




Because music is meant to be heard.


If your calling and passion in life is to make the world a better place with your music… and NO ONE ever hears it because you didn’t take the time to learn how to build an audience… then you DID NOT make the world a better place.


Artsy-Fartsy Nonsense Musicians Say…


Keeping your music undiscovered in your basement doesn’t do you any good and it doesn’t do the rest of the world any good.


That’s why understanding the New Music Industry and how you can leverage your TIME and your TALENT by doing LESS is key.


Here’s what ticks me off even more:


Musicians who don’t bat an eyelid at spending $5000–$10,000 in the studio, but will WHINE, COMPLAIN, and RESIST when it comes to investing a tiny fraction into increasing their SKILL and VALUE through education and knowledge so they can actually succeed!


Newsflash! Spending money on a single or an album does not mean it will go anywhere or be heard by even one person!


98% of musicians have it all backwards.


They think they will release a single or album and then somehow get discovered. Nope.


You need a fanbase first.

You need a fanbase first.

You need a fanbase first.


I need to get that through your head (I love ya, but it’s true).


Spending 10K in the studio only to have NO ONE to market to after the fact is just silly.


Just learn a few marketing skills and learn how to CONNECT with your true audience through the internet… learn to do that well and you will go FAR beyond all the other artists in your genre!


There are those artists who will continue to whine and complain and get NOWHERE, and there are musicians who decide to actually LEARN and INVEST in themselves so they can truly fulfill their calling.


Getting your life-changing music in front of the right people is how you make the world a better place. Keeping it left undiscovered on your computer doesn’t do the world any good.


Learn a few easy strategies.

It will change everything you do.

You’ll thank me later.

Building my Fanbase in Europe, Last-Min Promo Results, & Adult Colouring Books for Writer’s Block

Building my Fanbase in Europe, Last-Min Promo Results, & Adult Colouring Books for Writer’s Block

This #MakingTheAlbum series is all about documenting my real-life process of not only creating an album, but everything else that goes along with being a musician during that time. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be real, right? Life doesn’t pause to let us focus on one thing at a time, so we have to manage the best we can.

#MakingTheAlbum Week 2

<<< Watch #MakingTheAlbum Week 1                   Watch #MakingTheAlbum Week 3 >>>>


This week is an example of one of those weeks where I got a little sidetracked from creating my album to deal with other parts of my music business. Among those are preparing for an opportunity to play at a European music festival, and offering a last minute Cyber Monday promotion to my fans!


You can watch the video above for the full details, but here I’m going to outline three main points:

  1. How I am responding to a promoter’s invitation to play at a European music festival by running specific Facebook ads
  2. How I generated $1,600 from a (very) last-minute Cyber Monday promotion to my fans
  3. How I am using adult colouring books to give me a mental release and a creative boost for writing lyrics


First, let’s get into the European music festival.


As you know, I’m not a touring musician (yet). We have a young family and I am a stay-at-home mom of five kids that we homeschool. However, I am strategically building my fanbase online so that one day I can tour and play to sold-out shows. For this reason, I at least listen when a promoter asks me about playing somewhere such as a music festival in Europe.


Long story short, I was asked about my fanbase in the regions of Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. I’m able to determine about how many fans I have in particular areas because of the data and analytics provided by online marketing reports from Facebook. Turns out, I didn’t have as many fans there as I thought. So I created an ad!


I made a Facebook ad that specifically is shown to people in those regions, and because I know my fans super well and I know what I’m doing with ads (I’ve put a LOT of time and energy into this skill), I instantly began getting results. It took me two hours to make an ad, and now every day I’m getting dozens of new fans in that region and they’re already writing me emails about how they love the music! Super easy.


Now I am growing my fanbase while I’m creating my album, AND in a region that will possibly create demand for me to play in a music festival there at a later date. 🙂

Click Here To Learn More…

Next up: Cyber Monday (last minute) sale


OK, I forgot about doing a Black Friday sale, but luckily on Sunday I hadn’t missed out on Cyber Monday. So I figured I better get my butt in gear and come up with a mini-promotion.


I sent one email that night because some of my fans are in a different time zone, so they would have received it on the Monday. I gave them a heads up and I said, “I’m going to be sending you a promotion email with this discount, so watch your email” (so it’s not completely unexpected).


Essentially, I sent them two emails on Cyber Monday, letting them know that the sale is open (here’s the code; here you can get the merchandise), and another one just a few hours before it closed. In a period of 24-36 hours, I made about $1600, which is awesome for basically a couple hours’ worth of work. When was the last time that you went to work for a couple hours and made $1600? That is the power of having an email list, that’s the power of copywriting and being able to write subject lines that make people actually open their emails, even on Black Friday when people are inundated with stuff. That they still actually opened the email, read it, and bought something, is incredible.


BE prepared. Make a plan for the year so you don’t forget those holidays. It’s a great time to promote your stuff on social media and email. I go way more into depth about that in my programs and really spell out for you what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.


Lastly, how I am using colouring books for a mental release and a creative boost…


Going into this season of songwriting, I’ve been struggling with writer’s block, so a friend recommended a book and I read it in a day. There’s a specific technique to engage your subconscious creative brain. Part of that process involves doing an activity that takes your mind OFF the problem or idea you’re trying to come up with. It needs to be an activity that allows you to “zone out.”


So I decided I’m going to spend about 20 minutes each morning relaxing my brain by colouring in an adult colouring book. It feels extremely counter-intuitive to what I think I should be doing!


The point is to give your brain a rest and allow the ideas that are already in the back-burner of your mind to bubble up. Using The MacGyver Secret book techniques, I can come up with a bunch of new ideas. I’m excited to try that this week with a new colouring book. I’ll report back and let you know how that worked.


That is the gist of what I’ve been doing this week. Next week I plan on focusing on writing some new material, new songs, and I’ll be sharing with you more as I go. That’s it for now. See you later.




P.S. Make sure to click here for weekly “Making The Album” updates! I’ll send them straight to your inbox.


Also, make sure to join me on Facebook, and Instagram. I’ll be posting little nuggets there throughout the weeks that might not make it to the blog. 🙂 I won’t always be wearing makeup. I won’t always have good things to say as I struggle with all the things us musicians face. Things are about to get REAL.

Featured Student of the month: Alexa Devoe / DeVoe Music

Featured Student of the month: Alexa Devoe / DeVoe Music

Featured Student of the month: Alexa Devoe / DeVoe Music


DeVoe Music, a Boston-based husband & wife duo, skillfully blend R&B, Funk, and rich vocal harmonies into soulful groove music


I joined The Online Musician back in December 2015 and was inspired to improve my skills in mixing & mastering – so I took a 6-month course on it and now I’m much more in control of my destiny.

I don’t think I’m the most successful student, but I feel that I’m one of the most inspired students!


Leah inspired me to figure out my niche. Finding your niche is key!


It was difficult for me (I’m 44) and it felt like it was a long journey to get to the point of understanding our niche. But people have compared us to some of R&B’s greatest music legends, from Michael Jackson, the Isley Brothers, and Jody Watley to Lisa Stansfield – just really great compliments to be compared to those amazing artists.


In the course, Leah has emphasized making time for your music, but it’s not my main income, not my everything. I have a great paying job that I love. My music is more of a passion & hobby that I’m enjoying. I’m chipping away a little at a time & going at my pace.


I’m your everyday person who loves music. I’d love to focus on the music but life happens. My mom has cancer & my stepson is healing mentally & physically from a car accident. I’m dealing with all of these distractions.


I don’t want to give up but it’s hard to find focus when life throws you distractions. I’m constantly taking little baby steps – one thing at a time. I’m the driving force; my husband is my support; we are a team when it comes to writing & recording our music.


My husband is my backbone. He supports me in everything & encourages me. When I go into the studio I know I can leave my special-needs son with my husband without feeling guilty for making time for my music. We are a team. We write together. We record together. I do all of the mixing & engineering. When we do the video shoots he helps me with that, but I do 90% of the business part.


I’m learning all of the time. I went to a seminar here in Cambridge, Mass. I introduced myself to people and I met a gentleman that is the leader of the Massachusetts board of directors for the Grammys! I told him they needed a woman on the next seminar panel & that I’m available. 🙂


My main drive is to get my music out there so people can hear it and enjoy it!


Leah’s course inspired me to do it myself & learn how to produce a quality product. So with my mixing & mastering course on top of Leah’s teachings, this fall will bring new successes!


I have a few Superfans who are very supportive in helping me get the word out there & encouraging me get to the next level.


I’m tweaking my marketing plan. I’m in the process of finishing tracks. It’s not going to happen in 3 months. You have to keep chipping away. 🙂



Leah, you are our inspiration & we appreciate everything you have done for us! Sometimes all you need is inspiration.



Connect with Alexa (DeVoe Music) and see what’s she’s up to:


Featured Student of the Month: Chris Stark

Featured Student of the Month: Chris Stark

Featured Student of the Month: Chris Stark

Hi my name is Chris Stark! I am an instrumental rock guitarist and songwriter from the remote and sleepy Big Island of Hawaii.


Before I started The Online Musician, I already had an idea for an album and stock of songs I have written, and you know, I have the desire to unleash it to the world.


Well, my wife saw a Facebook ad for Leah’s course and the timing was pretty much perfect.


I was a bit directionless.


But, I have the drive and I had material. I just needed a map and a guide.


Seeing that Leah was able to do the amazing things that she does and balancing the responsibility that we all have – work, family, work, keeping her home livable, etc. – this is all very inspiring!


Leah seems to actually be able to one-up me in the busy category.


So, I figured… You know, maybe I really can do this!


Coming into the program, I had somewhat of an idea of music and publishing things I needed to do.


I have been into music for 30 years now, so I have a pretty good idea of my micro-niche as well.


But, thinking of my music in the terms Leah teaches is definitely new.


Where I was completely clueless was the marketing and promotional side of things.


I’ve learned how to start a buzz now!


I started growing my fanbase!


I’ve even kept a detailed journal of things like my budget, my plans, my expenses and my gear related to this release, so that the next time it will be even smoother.


Since starting the program, my Facebook following has grown by 50%.


I have finished recording, mixing and mastering my album and it’s already been sent out for duplication.


Using the techniques I have learned, I fully expect that my Facebook following is going to grow exponentially and I expect to be all sold out on my first batch of CDs within a month of my release – which happens to be just few days away. Yahoo! (April 30th, 2016.)


So, I just wanted to say a big thanks to Leah and her husband Steve for deciding to share her knowledge.


It’s been great!


It’s been an amazing experience and the community of learners in this course have been an invaluable resource!


Sometime you just need a cheerleader who is a kindred spirit, and I found that in The Online Musician community.


I just can’t recommend this program enough! Thanks!



Chris Stark


Chris Stark is an instrumental rock guitarist and songwriter from the remote and sleepy Big Island of Hawaii. Chris has played guitar in a variety of bands and ensembles over the years, ranging from thrash metal to reggae to big band jazz to contemporary classical to world beat fusion to top 40 rock, and has also contributed guitar work to local soundtrack composers and musical artists.

His debut solo album “Legacy” is available April 30, 2016 on CD and digital download.


Release Date:
April 30, 2016 (woohooo!!!)



Online Store:


Featured Student of the Month: Daniel Martinez

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Featured Student of the Month: Daniel Martinez


Hello! My name is Daniel Martinez and I am the owner and founder of Soullasol Records.


We just started with Soullasol Records recently and signed two artists already.


With the experience of me and my business partner combined, there is a lot that we do know about the music industry – but, we do not know a lot at the same time.


So, we heard about the online workshop that Leah was doing, “Explode Your Fanbase,” and decided to check it out, and we loved it!


We learned a lot within just the free webinar.  So we decided to purchase the full course.


It’s really one of the best things we have done!

Sometimes you feel like you know it all… You don’t!


Leah does inform you in the class that there are a lot of things going on out there.


It’s very informative and really does help with understanding your superfans, building your fan base and getting your music out to the right audience.


There is a lot of stuff that people neglect and kind of put on the back burner.


But, it is critically important to be aware and know these things.


What really inspired me was Leah’s success with her career.


Leah is implementing everything that she teaches in The Online Musician within her own career and that is literally what resonated with me.


This is organic and she has done this with her own career, so that definitely inspired me!



One of the biggest things I have learned so far is how important it really is to actually have a relationship with your superfans.



Your superfans are the most important things you want to take away from this.


They are definitely going to be the ones putting their money where their mouth is.


Your superfans are going to be your main supporters and going to be the ones buying your albums and merchandise. You know?


The biggest thing I did was learning to build that relationship with my superfans to connect with them on their level.


I’ve got results with my three artists and I am working with one of them now and I’ve got great results.


Her Instagram and most of her social media shoutouts are a little over a hundred.


It’s been great!


Daniel Martinez



Growing up as a musician, I always knew that one day I would make it in the industry. Trying things from DJing, to producing, to live engineering, music was the forefront of my life and I couldn’t go without it. With all the knowledge and experience under my belt, I asked myself, “What is it that you want to do in the industry?” I came to the conclusion of starting a record label at the beginning of 2016 (has been in the works since June 2015). Here I am today still learning about the industry and taking the steps necessary to become successful.


Connect with Daniel:


Featured Student of the month: DELLA DAM

Featured Student of the month: DELLA DAM

Featured Student of the month: DELLA DAM


DELLA DAM is Wisconsin’s singer-songwriter whose haunting folk lyrics will press on all of your bruises.


When I started The Online Musician course, I had less than a hundred likes on my page and I felt kind of stuck and I didn’t know where to go from there.


I chose to work with Leah because she is already doing what I want to do, which is have a family and have a successful music career.


Everyone told me that I have to choose between the two, so I was pretty pumped to hear that I can have everything that I want!


I have always been a bit of a people-pleaser and, because of that, my music career really lacked definition and direction.


But nowadays, after using the program, I know my micro-niche; I know my target audience.


I feel like I know myself better too! Because I know I can just do what I want to do, there are people who respect that!


So the results? I am almost up to 700 likes on my page, and that doesn’t sound like a lot for some people, but for me this is a big deal because I remember being stuck at less than a hundred. That wasn’t that long ago and this number increases every day. And I just can’t thank you enough! I love watching it increase everyday!


So, I feel really liberated to see the light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that at some point I’ll have enough superfans to justify quitting my job and making music full time!!


It’s my dream and I love watching it come true, because of Leah!


Thank you!


Connect with DELLA and see what she is up to: