Episode #050: When You Don’t Have Fans To Release Your First Album


On today’s episode, Leah and CJ talk about the commonly faced dilemma of how to release an album when you don’t have fans yet and take you through some of the steps to build this fanbase. You have to have some music, even if it’s not professionally recorded, in order to engage and grab people’s attention in some way. There are so many free tools at your disposal that allow you to be creative when starting out, that a small budget should not stop you. Instead, you have to start by putting yourself out there, without waiting for what you have done to be perfect. People will be drawn in by real life, vulnerability and authenticity, rather than an overly polished person that is not easy to relate to. By being real, potential fans will feel involved in your life and much more likely to stick with you and show great loyalty throughout your career. Letting people into your life is not easy, but it is necessary to create a relationship and build rapport with your fan base. Once you have started putting yourself out there and begun to engage with people, it is important to use that momentum to actually record something professionally that fans can get their hands on and that you can use as a starting point for building your email list, your brand and your culture. To learn how to get started on all of this and more, join us today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • You have to start with some music in order to build a fan base.
  • Some things you can do for free to generate a fan base. 
  • You don’t have to be perfect to release your music. 
  • Realness, rawness and authenticity are very relatable. 
  • What Leah does to let her fans into her life. 
  • Where to go after you’ve started building your fan base
  • Why email lists are so important. 
  • How to start building your brand and creating culture after gaining fans.
  • And much more!


“You’re giving people a taste of something and they’re going to follow.” — CJ Ortiz   [0:10:20]

“Let people fall in love with you.” — CJ Ortiz [0:33:48]

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Leah McHenry

Leah McHenry

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