Episode #115: The Last SMA Podcast?


Leah’s back! Where has she been? What’s she been doing? Where to from here for music marketing and the Savvy Musician Academy?

In this episode, Leah joins C. J. for an in-depth discussion of her new business, Mythologie Candles, and what her plans are for the near future.

But they also discuss this podcast because after a recent survey conducted by Leah of followers and students of the Savvy Musician Academy, a lot was revealed that prompted a reconsideration of our efforts.

Long story short, Leah and C. J. discuss the plan to take a sabbatical on the podcast in order to invest more in the coaching of our existing students.

BUT… there’s a ton of great principles taught in this episode, so don’t miss it!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Catching up with Leah
  • Mythologie Candles is booming!
  • How to market a sister brand
  • Polling your audience
  • The state of the podcast
  • Focusing more on the students
  • People who buy the course but fail to engage
  • 2020 in hindsight
  • How different personality types work together
  • The new Instagram 4 Musicians course


“We know that those who have already invested in courses, if we dedicate more to them, to help them get results, that is probably the best investment of time and money.” – @metalmotivation [00:31:25]

“You can make it happen. It really does come down to, ‘How bad you want a music career?’” – @metalmotivation [00:38:54]

“That’s where musicians shine is we think outside of the box.” – @LEAHthemusic [00:41:28]

“My magic phrase, getting to half a million dollars in six months with this company was, ‘I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out.’” – @LEAHthemusic [00:42:30]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Mythologie Candles — https://mythologiecandles.com/

Instagram for Musicians — https://savvymusicianacademy.com/ig4m

Explode Your Fanbase — https://explodeyourfanbase.com/

Leah’s Business Instagram — https://instagram.com/realleahmchenry