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Taylor Mesple Recording Artist
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Ted Yoder ~ National Hammered Dulcimer Champion

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"After 6 years of VERY slow growth, we had only 915 fans on our email list. In only 3 months of joining The Online Musician, we grew our email list to over 4,000 fans, We have 265,806 Facebook page likes and 14,056 YouTube subscribers. We also had a video we did on our backyard go viral, within 3 days it recieved over 50 Million views making it the #2 most popular video on Facebook….Within 24 hours we were hearing from Superfans everywhere. If that’s not a great return on time investment, I don’t know what is!”

Ted Yoder

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Spotify Now Allowing Musicians to Sell Their Merch From Their Artist Profile

Huge news that affects all independent musicians: Spotify has teamed up with Shopify to allow musicians to sell their merchandise right through the Spotify platform! We’ve been waiting for this day for so long and now we finally have a way to monetize all that streaming traffic and get them onto our music shop.





Leah McHenry understands the real world challenges for every-day musicians because she is one.

Having started her music career completely backwards, she found herself
learning the NEW music business long after she already started a family and was unable to tour. That wasn't going to stop her. Instead of being discouraged and believing the lie that she was "past her prime" and that "no one will want to hear music from a stay-at-home-mom", she let her obstacles become her fuel and determination.

Leah now spends her time continuing her own music career while applying the real-world marketing strategies herself, and is also dedicated to helping other independent artists do the same, teaching the absolute latest and best information on navigating the New Music Industry.