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It's become my absolute obsession to find out what will make musicians successful today. In the face of many obstacles, and in the vast sea of the internet, we have an opportunity that has NEVER been available to us in the history of the music business.

Artsy-Fartsy Nonsense Musicians Say…

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You know what’s complete baloney?


Musicians who think that focusing on the business side of things somehow adulterates their “art.”


That somehow learning about marketing takes away from the love and passion of music.


That to focus on success means you’re not focused on making the world a better place simply with your music.


That is artsy-fartsy nonsense!




Because music is meant to be heard.


If your calling and passion in life is to make the world a better place with your music… and NO ONE ever hears it because you didn’t take the time to learn how to build an audience… then you DID NOT make the world a better place.


Artsy-Fartsy Nonsense Musicians Say…


Keeping your music undiscovered in your basement doesn’t do you any good and it doesn’t do the rest of the world any good.


That’s why understanding the New Music Industry and how you can leverage your TIME and your TALENT by doing LESS is key.


Here’s what ticks me off even more:


Musicians who don’t bat an eyelid at spending $5000–$10,000 in the studio, but will WHINE, COMPLAIN, and RESIST when it comes to investing a tiny fraction into increasing their SKILL and VALUE through education and knowledge so they can actually succeed!


Newsflash! Spending money on a single or an album does not mean it will go anywhere or be heard by even one person!


98% of musicians have it all backwards.


They think they will release a single or album and then somehow get discovered. Nope.


You need a fanbase first.

You need a fanbase first.

You need a fanbase first.


I need to get that through your head (I love ya, but it’s true).


Spending 10K in the studio only to have NO ONE to market to after the fact is just silly.


Just learn a few marketing skills and learn how to CONNECT with your true audience through the internet… learn to do that well and you will go FAR beyond all the other artists in your genre!


There are those artists who will continue to whine and complain and get NOWHERE, and there are musicians who decide to actually LEARN and INVEST in themselves so they can truly fulfill their calling.


Getting your life-changing music in front of the right people is how you make the world a better place. Keeping it left undiscovered on your computer doesn’t do the world any good.


Learn a few easy strategies.

It will change everything you do.

You’ll thank me later.

Building my Fanbase in Europe, Last-Min Promo Results, & Adult Colouring Books for Writer’s Block

Building my Fanbase in Europe, Last-Min Promo Results, & Adult Colouring Books for Writer’s Block

This #MakingTheAlbum series is all about documenting my real-life process of not only creating an album, but everything else that goes along with being a musician during that time. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be real, right? Life doesn’t pause to let us focus on one thing at a time, so we have to manage the best we can.

#MakingTheAlbum Week 2

<<< Watch #MakingTheAlbum Week 1                   Watch #MakingTheAlbum Week 3 >>>>


This week is an example of one of those weeks where I got a little sidetracked from creating my album to deal with other parts of my music business. Among those are preparing for an opportunity to play at a European music festival, and offering a last minute Cyber Monday promotion to my fans!


You can watch the video above for the full details, but here I’m going to outline three main points:

  1. How I am responding to a promoter’s invitation to play at a European music festival by running specific Facebook ads
  2. How I generated $1,600 from a (very) last-minute Cyber Monday promotion to my fans
  3. How I am using adult colouring books to give me a mental release and a creative boost for writing lyrics


First, let’s get into the European music festival.


As you know, I’m not a touring musician (yet). We have a young family and I am a stay-at-home mom of five kids that we homeschool. However, I am strategically building my fanbase online so that one day I can tour and play to sold-out shows. For this reason, I at least listen when a promoter asks me about playing somewhere such as a music festival in Europe.


Long story short, I was asked about my fanbase in the regions of Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. I’m able to determine about how many fans I have in particular areas because of the data and analytics provided by online marketing reports from Facebook. Turns out, I didn’t have as many fans there as I thought. So I created an ad!


I made a Facebook ad that specifically is shown to people in those regions, and because I know my fans super well and I know what I’m doing with ads (I’ve put a LOT of time and energy into this skill), I instantly began getting results. It took me two hours to make an ad, and now every day I’m getting dozens of new fans in that region and they’re already writing me emails about how they love the music! Super easy.


Now I am growing my fanbase while I’m creating my album, AND in a region that will possibly create demand for me to play in a music festival there at a later date. 🙂

Click Here To Learn More…

Next up: Cyber Monday (last minute) sale


OK, I forgot about doing a Black Friday sale, but luckily on Sunday I hadn’t missed out on Cyber Monday. So I figured I better get my butt in gear and come up with a mini-promotion.


I sent one email that night because some of my fans are in a different time zone, so they would have received it on the Monday. I gave them a heads up and I said, “I’m going to be sending you a promotion email with this discount, so watch your email” (so it’s not completely unexpected).


Essentially, I sent them two emails on Cyber Monday, letting them know that the sale is open (here’s the code; here you can get the merchandise), and another one just a few hours before it closed. In a period of 24-36 hours, I made about $1600, which is awesome for basically a couple hours’ worth of work. When was the last time that you went to work for a couple hours and made $1600? That is the power of having an email list, that’s the power of copywriting and being able to write subject lines that make people actually open their emails, even on Black Friday when people are inundated with stuff. That they still actually opened the email, read it, and bought something, is incredible.


BE prepared. Make a plan for the year so you don’t forget those holidays. It’s a great time to promote your stuff on social media and email. I go way more into depth about that in my programs and really spell out for you what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.


Lastly, how I am using colouring books for a mental release and a creative boost…


Going into this season of songwriting, I’ve been struggling with writer’s block, so a friend recommended a book and I read it in a day. There’s a specific technique to engage your subconscious creative brain. Part of that process involves doing an activity that takes your mind OFF the problem or idea you’re trying to come up with. It needs to be an activity that allows you to “zone out.”


So I decided I’m going to spend about 20 minutes each morning relaxing my brain by colouring in an adult colouring book. It feels extremely counter-intuitive to what I think I should be doing!


The point is to give your brain a rest and allow the ideas that are already in the back-burner of your mind to bubble up. Using The MacGyver Secret book techniques, I can come up with a bunch of new ideas. I’m excited to try that this week with a new colouring book. I’ll report back and let you know how that worked.


That is the gist of what I’ve been doing this week. Next week I plan on focusing on writing some new material, new songs, and I’ll be sharing with you more as I go. That’s it for now. See you later.




P.S. Make sure to click here for weekly “Making The Album” updates! I’ll send them straight to your inbox.


Also, make sure to join me on Facebook, and Instagram. I’ll be posting little nuggets there throughout the weeks that might not make it to the blog. 🙂 I won’t always be wearing makeup. I won’t always have good things to say as I struggle with all the things us musicians face. Things are about to get REAL.

Featured Student of the month: Alexa Devoe / DeVoe Music

Featured Student of the month: Alexa Devoe / DeVoe Music

Featured Student of the month: Alexa Devoe / DeVoe Music


DeVoe Music, a Boston-based husband & wife duo, skillfully blend R&B, Funk, and rich vocal harmonies into soulful groove music


I joined The Online Musician back in December 2015 and was inspired to improve my skills in mixing & mastering – so I took a 6-month course on it and now I’m much more in control of my destiny.

I don’t think I’m the most successful student, but I feel that I’m one of the most inspired students!


Leah inspired me to figure out my niche. Finding your niche is key!


It was difficult for me (I’m 44) and it felt like it was a long journey to get to the point of understanding our niche. But people have compared us to some of R&B’s greatest music legends, from Michael Jackson, the Isley Brothers, and Jody Watley to Lisa Stansfield – just really great compliments to be compared to those amazing artists.


In the course, Leah has emphasized making time for your music, but it’s not my main income, not my everything. I have a great paying job that I love. My music is more of a passion & hobby that I’m enjoying. I’m chipping away a little at a time & going at my pace.


I’m your everyday person who loves music. I’d love to focus on the music but life happens. My mom has cancer & my stepson is healing mentally & physically from a car accident. I’m dealing with all of these distractions.


I don’t want to give up but it’s hard to find focus when life throws you distractions. I’m constantly taking little baby steps – one thing at a time. I’m the driving force; my husband is my support; we are a team when it comes to writing & recording our music.


My husband is my backbone. He supports me in everything & encourages me. When I go into the studio I know I can leave my special-needs son with my husband without feeling guilty for making time for my music. We are a team. We write together. We record together. I do all of the mixing & engineering. When we do the video shoots he helps me with that, but I do 90% of the business part.


I’m learning all of the time. I went to a seminar here in Cambridge, Mass. I introduced myself to people and I met a gentleman that is the leader of the Massachusetts board of directors for the Grammys! I told him they needed a woman on the next seminar panel & that I’m available. 🙂


My main drive is to get my music out there so people can hear it and enjoy it!


Leah’s course inspired me to do it myself & learn how to produce a quality product. So with my mixing & mastering course on top of Leah’s teachings, this fall will bring new successes!


I have a few Superfans who are very supportive in helping me get the word out there & encouraging me get to the next level.


I’m tweaking my marketing plan. I’m in the process of finishing tracks. It’s not going to happen in 3 months. You have to keep chipping away. 🙂



Leah, you are our inspiration & we appreciate everything you have done for us! Sometimes all you need is inspiration.



Connect with Alexa (DeVoe Music) and see what’s she’s up to:


Featured Student of the Month: Chris Stark

Featured Student of the Month: Chris Stark

Featured Student of the Month: Chris Stark

Hi my name is Chris Stark! I am an instrumental rock guitarist and songwriter from the remote and sleepy Big Island of Hawaii.


Before I started The Online Musician, I already had an idea for an album and stock of songs I have written, and you know, I have the desire to unleash it to the world.


Well, my wife saw a Facebook ad for Leah’s course and the timing was pretty much perfect.


I was a bit directionless.


But, I have the drive and I had material. I just needed a map and a guide.


Seeing that Leah was able to do the amazing things that she does and balancing the responsibility that we all have – work, family, work, keeping her home livable, etc. – this is all very inspiring!


Leah seems to actually be able to one-up me in the busy category.


So, I figured… You know, maybe I really can do this!


Coming into the program, I had somewhat of an idea of music and publishing things I needed to do.


I have been into music for 30 years now, so I have a pretty good idea of my micro-niche as well.


But, thinking of my music in the terms Leah teaches is definitely new.


Where I was completely clueless was the marketing and promotional side of things.


I’ve learned how to start a buzz now!


I started growing my fanbase!


I’ve even kept a detailed journal of things like my budget, my plans, my expenses and my gear related to this release, so that the next time it will be even smoother.


Since starting the program, my Facebook following has grown by 50%.


I have finished recording, mixing and mastering my album and it’s already been sent out for duplication.


Using the techniques I have learned, I fully expect that my Facebook following is going to grow exponentially and I expect to be all sold out on my first batch of CDs within a month of my release – which happens to be just few days away. Yahoo! (April 30th, 2016.)


So, I just wanted to say a big thanks to Leah and her husband Steve for deciding to share her knowledge.


It’s been great!


It’s been an amazing experience and the community of learners in this course have been an invaluable resource!


Sometime you just need a cheerleader who is a kindred spirit, and I found that in The Online Musician community.


I just can’t recommend this program enough! Thanks!



Chris Stark


Chris Stark is an instrumental rock guitarist and songwriter from the remote and sleepy Big Island of Hawaii. Chris has played guitar in a variety of bands and ensembles over the years, ranging from thrash metal to reggae to big band jazz to contemporary classical to world beat fusion to top 40 rock, and has also contributed guitar work to local soundtrack composers and musical artists.

His debut solo album “Legacy” is available April 30, 2016 on CD and digital download.


Release Date:
April 30, 2016 (woohooo!!!)



Online Store:


Featured Student of the Month: Daniel Martinez

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Featured Student of the Month: Daniel Martinez


Hello! My name is Daniel Martinez and I am the owner and founder of Soullasol Records.


We just started with Soullasol Records recently and signed two artists already.


With the experience of me and my business partner combined, there is a lot that we do know about the music industry – but, we do not know a lot at the same time.


So, we heard about the online workshop that Leah was doing, “Explode Your Fanbase,” and decided to check it out, and we loved it!


We learned a lot within just the free webinar.  So we decided to purchase the full course.


It’s really one of the best things we have done!

Sometimes you feel like you know it all… You don’t!


Leah does inform you in the class that there are a lot of things going on out there.


It’s very informative and really does help with understanding your superfans, building your fan base and getting your music out to the right audience.


There is a lot of stuff that people neglect and kind of put on the back burner.


But, it is critically important to be aware and know these things.


What really inspired me was Leah’s success with her career.


Leah is implementing everything that she teaches in The Online Musician within her own career and that is literally what resonated with me.


This is organic and she has done this with her own career, so that definitely inspired me!



One of the biggest things I have learned so far is how important it really is to actually have a relationship with your superfans.



Your superfans are the most important things you want to take away from this.


They are definitely going to be the ones putting their money where their mouth is.


Your superfans are going to be your main supporters and going to be the ones buying your albums and merchandise. You know?


The biggest thing I did was learning to build that relationship with my superfans to connect with them on their level.


I’ve got results with my three artists and I am working with one of them now and I’ve got great results.


Her Instagram and most of her social media shoutouts are a little over a hundred.


It’s been great!


Daniel Martinez



Growing up as a musician, I always knew that one day I would make it in the industry. Trying things from DJing, to producing, to live engineering, music was the forefront of my life and I couldn’t go without it. With all the knowledge and experience under my belt, I asked myself, “What is it that you want to do in the industry?” I came to the conclusion of starting a record label at the beginning of 2016 (has been in the works since June 2015). Here I am today still learning about the industry and taking the steps necessary to become successful.


Connect with Daniel:


Featured Student of the month: DELLA DAM

Featured Student of the month: DELLA DAM

Featured Student of the month: DELLA DAM


DELLA DAM is Wisconsin’s singer-songwriter whose haunting folk lyrics will press on all of your bruises.


When I started The Online Musician course, I had less than a hundred likes on my page and I felt kind of stuck and I didn’t know where to go from there.


I chose to work with Leah because she is already doing what I want to do, which is have a family and have a successful music career.


Everyone told me that I have to choose between the two, so I was pretty pumped to hear that I can have everything that I want!


I have always been a bit of a people-pleaser and, because of that, my music career really lacked definition and direction.


But nowadays, after using the program, I know my micro-niche; I know my target audience.


I feel like I know myself better too! Because I know I can just do what I want to do, there are people who respect that!


So the results? I am almost up to 700 likes on my page, and that doesn’t sound like a lot for some people, but for me this is a big deal because I remember being stuck at less than a hundred. That wasn’t that long ago and this number increases every day. And I just can’t thank you enough! I love watching it increase everyday!


So, I feel really liberated to see the light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that at some point I’ll have enough superfans to justify quitting my job and making music full time!!


It’s my dream and I love watching it come true, because of Leah!


Thank you!


Connect with DELLA and see what she is up to:




Featured Student of the Month: Jonathan Miller

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Featured Student of the Month: Jonathan Miller


Jonathan Miller is an American Electropop Artist with a unique EDM, East Asian, and R&B twist!


The Online Musician has truly turned my world upside down and made my music business incredible.


Thanks to Leah’s class, I now get a paycheck from my music EVERY WEEK!


Not only that, but Leah’s INVALUABLE tools have given me an incredible way to communicate with my fans and showcase my music.


Being a small fish in the pop industry ocean, it’s been so hard to define and find my micro-niche until Leah’s class.


The research she teaches you to do and how to find answers is just incredible.


I’m so thankful my mom stumbled across her ad and sent it my way.


It was nice to finally meet someone who understood what I was trying to do and could push me further!


I am eternally grateful and over-the-moon with my results.


I went from 800+ LIKES on my Facebook to over 5,000 genuine LIKES!


I’m starting to get sweet fan messages and grow my mailing list and I’m confident that my next release will be my most lucrative and successful and it’s ENTIRELY thanks to The Online Musician!


To anyone who is just thinking about taking The Online Musician, just DO IT.


It’s worth every freaking penny of your investment. I am so happy!


~Jonathan Miller


Connect with Jonathan to see what he’s up to:

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NOTE: Grow your fanbase & make a living with your music like myself and thousands of my students. You can join my free introductory training by clicking the link >>>

Featured Student of the month: Kandice Bell

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 Featured Student of the month: Kandice Bell


Hello, my name is Kandice Bell from Atlanta Georgia.



I’m an independent artist and, as you know, funds are limited for us. I always look for creative ways to be able to market myself and do this on a budget.


So, I was kind of in a stand still because I didn’t know how to market myself properly. We don’t have big budget and I don’t have a big staff!


I had to get creative!


That is when I came across Leah.


I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one day, like I am sure we all do pretty often, and I saw Leah come up in my news feed.


The post was about how she was a stay-at-home mom of 5 children (and I have 2 boys), so that really kind of stuck with me.


It was inspiring to see that she can be a stay at home mom with 5 children, which I cannot imagine, and still make a living out of her music full time!


You know, I checked out her page and I went to her free webinar, which was awesome because I really felt like she spoke to me. I felt a connection.


It was talking about the difference between the 98% and the 2% musician and “What you really need to do to make yourself stand out!”


The 98% musician comes across the same information the 2% musicians do, they think it’s cool, but they don’t do anything about it. The 2% musician, on the other hand, takes action and does something with the information and puts it to use.


So, I decided to take action after I had listened to that and I was like, “I really got some great information out of this. Imagine what I could get out of the whole course?”


You have to invest in yourself, and you know… this is honestly the first time I spent money on education for my music business. I am very glad I did and it was a money well spent!


The biggest thing I have learned so far and how it changed my life was the Facebook Ads training. I wasn’t too lost on my micro-niche, but I have had a breakthrough with Facebook.


I was doing Facebook totally wrong!


I was doing everything she said not to do!


Learning that is what really changed my life, and just all of the other tips and resources.


The worksheets that she gives are awesome and it really helped me plan out my project clearly and with ease so I do not have to be rushed doing my thing.


I was way more organized and put things into perspective, and I like Leah because she keeps it real.


She tells you things you want to hear, things you don’t want to hear, but she’s gonna tell you and I am gonna listen to her because it is obviously working!


When I first started this program at the end of January, I only had 571 likes. I decided to start the course with the goal-setting training and determined what I wanted to focus on first.


This course has done wonders for me! In just 3 weeks I went from 571 to almost 1200 SUPER FANS!


Building my fan base was my 90-day goal and my goal was to have 700 fans (wanted to be realistic).


Well, I have surpassed that by a long shot.


People are regularly engaging with and sharing my content, but what makes me most happy is that they actually want to.


So thankful for this course!


-Kandice Bell


Connect with Kandice and see what she is up to:


How to Build a Fanbase In The Digital Music Age

How to Build a Fanbase In The Digital Music Age

How to Build a Fanbase In The Digital Music Age


If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you already realize things have drastically changed in the music industry.



Younger millennials might not know any different, but most people sense that we are living in the Wild West era of the music business and everything is topsy-turvy.


We’re all thinking… what the heck do I do now?

How do I get fans?

I don’t know where to begin. Where should I start?

How do I utilize social media to build a buzz?

How do I market my music?



And so on…



With that comes many voices, many opinions, and clashing ideas, especially when it comes to the perception that the music industry is dead due to file sharing.


Some people want more government control over the internet to try and “regulate” what’s happening.


Others see the beauty of a genuinely free market for the first time in a LONG time.


It’s been a while since we’ve had a landscape where talented musicians can “make it” without the help of a major record label.


I believe this has only happened because of the freedom of the internet and, quite frankly, the lack of regulation.


If it weren’t for this exact Wild West landscape, I would still be completely unknown in my genre and my music would still be undiscovered in my basement.


That’s a fact.


And it’s why I’ve become so passionate about sharing my knowledge with others.


After all, if a mother with five children who doesn’t tour & rarely plays live can make a full-time living as a recording artist, strictly by promoting her music online……. then no one has any excuse!






I still have that pinch-me feeling every day.



How did I do it?



I’m glad you asked.


The biggest struggle for musicians is “I don’t know how to build a fanbase.


I understand this one!


And it’s a good thing you’re thinking about this because it’s an obvious and critical piece of the puzzle to becoming successful and making a living.


The key is building a fanbase – you are right.


But not just any fans…



Right now, I want to address a common myth so many people have:

that you need as many fans as humanly possible to follow you, and then you’ll be successful and become famous, and you’ll go viral, and finally make some money.




You DO NOT need millions of fans. You DO NOT need hundreds of thousands of followers, or YouTube views, or viral videos in order to become successful and make a living.


We need to get this idea out of your head right now!


In fact, we cannot go any further if you don’t consciously make an effort to red-flag this thought and idea in your mind, immediately.


Everything else I say from here on out will do you no good if you can’t get past this idea.


You don’t need millions of fans; you don’t need hundreds of thousands; you don’t even need tens of thousands.


You don’t want high numbers of irrelevant fans!


Or high numbers of fans who might have heard your name, but don’t care that much.




Because fans who may have heard your name but don’t care that much don’t BUY music.


We must not confuse ourselves with the big corporate labels and big corporate advertising agencies whose sole purpose is to spend millions of dollars on making millions of people familiar with a song, until hopefully the masses become so saturated with this familiar song that they buy it.


That might translate into a tiny percentage of people who actually buy, and the record label hopes to make their millions invested back.


Do you have millions lying around for this type of approach?


Didn’t think so. 🙂


Neither do I.


So what can we do then? How are we supposed to gain fans AND make a living if we can’t spend millions on exposure to the masses?


I’ll tell you.


It’s relationship with a very select few superfans.


What do I mean?


Well first, you need to ask yourself, what makes you buy an album from another independent or underground artist?


This is actually a deeper question than you might realize.


For me, if I buy music from someone who is NOT mainstream, and is not well-known, it’s for a few reasons:


1. I like their music.

2. I know them (or feel like I do) and I want to support them.

3. I like their story, background, or whatever it is they stand for.

4. The way they make me feel with their music.

5. The way they make me feel as a fan. The way they interact with me or their fanbase.


Some of those reasons overlap, but you see what I mean.


They are probably the same reasons you buy and support other bands/artists you know and love that are less well-known.


So, you can see that the reason you and I spend money with these bands is because of the artist/fan relationship, versus mass exposure and familiarity.


Even if you are an artist in a very big genre, like pop, you still need to take this approach.


Do not make the mistake of trying to approach your music career like a big label or big advertising agency.


You need to think like the small mom-and-pop coffee shop in the small village, where everyone stops by and hangs out, and everyone knows each other’s names, and they’re there to live and commune, and occasionally buy.


If you can tweak this one idea in your mind as an artist… you are WAY AHEAD of everyone else.


Changing this mindset is the absolute gold mine to the rest of your music career.

Social Media for Music – Are you Doing it Wrong?

Social Media for Music - Are you Doing it Wrong?-featured

Social Media for Music - Are you Doing it Wrong?


What if I told you you’re probably not “doing” social media right?


That everything you thought you were supposed to do… you should NOT do?


….And the very thing you SHOULD do – feels completely counter-intuitive?



Let’s see here…. have you been doing any of THESE?

  1. Inviting all your personal friends & family to ‘like’ your page?
  2. Inviting all the people you went to high-school with & people you barely know to ‘like’ and “follow” your page?
  3. Begging people to “PLEASE LIKE & SHARE!!!!” every time you post your song?
  4. Not getting much traction building your fanbase online?
  5. Been using your personal profile for music (a BIG no-no!)?
  6. Wondering why you’re getting no engagement and people don’t see your posts? (it’s not because Facebook is evil or trying to scam you)
  7. Wondering how you can get more fans on your Facebook page and turn that into income?


Here’s the thing.


Social media is here to stay and the world is never going back to the way it was.



Either you are the kind of musician who decides to understand HOW to make social media work for your music, how to actually build a fanbase and a legitimate income with your music using this incredible tool…


…..or you won’t and you’ll be left behind in your knowledge and your skill, and your music will be buried with the rest of the talented artists who aren’t willing to step it up and learn this.



Those are the musicians I call the 98%.



They are genuinely talented, but don’t have the guts, the grit, or the tenacity to learn new stuff that will get them somewhere.


They want it all done for them (lazy).


Guess what, in the New Music Industry, you need to make your own bed.


You need to do it yourself.


The ball is in your court.


It’s called liberty.


You either view this as the greatest opportunity in the world, or you view it as a burden because it means more work for you.


I choose to view it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


And it’s brought me success in my own music.


Another thing: If you make music, you’re actually in business for yourself.


If you were to launch your own Subway franchise tomorrow, you would need to invest in some tools, some skills, and knowledge so that on launch day your sandwich shop could actually stay open, make people happy, and so you could stay in business.



Most musicians are silly:


They won’t bat an eyelash at dropping $10,000 in the studio, but completely RESIST spending a tiny fraction of that to learn how to actually market their music.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…


If you have no fanbase to market your music TO, your time and money spent in the studio was completely in vain.


Unless you want to be a basement artist, then go for it. 🙂


If music is nothing but a hobby and you have no interest in selling CDs, no interest in gaining a worldwide audience who recognizes you and gives your music the appreciation it deserves… then you definitely DON’T want to learn any marketing skills.


If you’re totally happy and content being a BROKE musician who is unknown in your genre, then you definitely DON’T want to increase your skill and knowledge of social media, Facebook particularly!


If, however, you know that music is part of your calling in life (even if it’s only part-time)…. then you need to increase your knowledge in how to promote your music online – the SMART way.


This is where the rubber meets the road.



Hundreds of social media platforms come and go, but Facebook is here to stay and it’s the one place you need to be to truly skyrocket your success.



Why? It’s where your fans are. This is where they mostly hang out.


I’ve been testing and experimenting with all kinds of strategies on my own music page and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt…..


……the $80,000 I made just in digital royalties last year happened because I figured out how to strategically use FACEBOOK to turn complete strangers into my die-hard SUPERFANS.


That’s how I did it.


If you want to do what I’m doing and learn what I’m learning… then you definitely want this mini-course will show you exactly WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO on Facebook to


  • build a super-targeted audience that goes bonkers for your music
  • build your own tribe and music-evangelists who promote you to everyone they know
  • like, follow, and share your music organically (without you sounding like a desperate beggar)
  • actually translate casual visitors into new fans who buy your music on day 1



Decide now, which kind of musician are you?

The kind that says, “I’m just going to do what I’ve always done,” and 12 months later wonders why they STILL don’t have a following, why they STILL aren’t making any CD sales, and getting no engagement…?



…..Or are you the kind of musician who decides to get ahead of the game and rides this wave of phenomenal social media exposure?



Yes!!! That is what I thought. (Usually the people who read my articles that I talk to are highly intelligent, talented, and hard-working. They just need to be pointed in the right direction.)


Now is the time to gain the skill and knowledge you need to take advantage of the best music tool on planet earth.


==> That’s why I put together a simple mini-course called Facebook For Musicians. <==





Social Media for Music - Are you Doing it Wrong?-2-


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You will learn everything to know about running your Facebook page for music in less than 1 day.


I challenge you to stop procrastinating on your dreams and get off your assets and DO something about your music this year. Right now. Today.


Do it!



Success is on the other side of action.


Learn this simple skill. You’ll thank me later.


I’ll see you on the inside.





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