Episode #046: Why Your Music Isn’t Making Any Money: Email Marketing


On today’s show, we are talking all about email marketing, email in general and why it’s a huge missing ingredient for most musicians. This forms part of the series we have undertaken on the Savvy Musician Show, on how to make more money through your music! We all know how important marketing is, and marketing yourself and your own music even more so. People often have different ideas about whether something is relevant and how it actually gets done. But Leah and CJ are here today to help you realize why building an email list is so important and how to go about it in the correct way. They also go into extensive detail on all of the features inside of their programs. So for all this and more, keep listening!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The longevity of email, especially on a transactional level.
  • How e-commerce is growing – as long as there is e-commerce there is email.
  • Why you should be building your email list.
  • Being able to control, customize and personalize the experience for your fans.
  • Email being considered a powerful asset for you as a musician entrepreneur.
  • Immersing people in what you’re all about and adding value to their life.
  • Email as the number one source of revenue in e-commerce.
  • Direct response marketing approaches in email.
  • Uploading your email list to the Facebook platforms and showing ads.
  • Methods that increase revenue – pre-purchase and post purchase campaigns.
  • Using your email for cart abandonment – getting the buyer back.
  • Best tools for email marketing.
  • Using a professional email service provider and landing page provider.
  • Why it’s all about optimization.
  • And so much more!


“There should be a huge importance and urgency for every musician to be building their list.” — @LEAHthemusic [0:06:43]

“The longer someone stays with you on your list and is a customer with you, the greater the lifetime value.” — @LEAHthemusic [0:11:42]

“It’s really important that you engage with people on the platform the way people like to engage on it.” — @LEAHthemusic [0:18:26]

“If it doesn’t have pixel integration, run away. You need this to make money. It is online marketing 101. You always use a Facebook pixel, you always track the traffic on any of your pages or websites.” — @LEAHthemusic [0:34:18]

“Stop cheapening out on tools and trying to get free this and free that everything.” — @LEAHthemusic [0:34:49]

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Superfan System Elite Program — www.callsma.com

Leah on Twitter — https://twitter.com/leahthemusic

Shopify — https://www.shopify.com/?ref=savvy-musician-academy

Drip (60-Day Free Trial) — https://drip.com/savvymusician 

Lead Pages — https://leadpages.net/savvymusician 

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