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Episode #014: How to be a Better Performer with Live Performance Coach Lang Bliss

Lang Bliss brings his vast experience of over 30 years in the music industry. He has worked as a drummer, producer, programmer, songwriter and arranger in the music industry for years. He’s worked with Michael W. Smith, Michael McDonald and Big Daddy Weave, to name just a few. As a Live Music Producer based in the Nashville area since 2009, he is passionate about helping artists with their live shows.

Important things to remember:

  • If people only know the song and connect to the song, you won’t build a following. They have to connect to you.
  • Preparation creates confidence.
  • Audiences respond. Artists initiate.
  • “The song is the script.”

Revisit the highlights:

06:40 – Speaking your audiences’ language

18:42 – Common Mistakes Made on Stage

21:49 – Dealing with Stage Fright

25:55 – How does this Apply in a Digital Format?

30:20 – Audience Expectations

30:58 – Making Live Videos more Engaging

33:47 – Working with Personas

36:52 – Necessary Mindset Changes

Episode #013: How to Build a Massive Email List

If you are looking to build a fanbase and turn your music into a career, having a email list is a necessity. The great thing about an email list is that it helps you to break free from the algorithm and agendas of the social platforms. With a good email list, you have a direct connection to your audience that no one can take from you. In this episode Leah talks with her launch specialist, Garrett Gamble, about how to build an email list that works for you.

Important things to remember.

  • Email allows you to have direct contact with your fans without having to consider algorithms.
  • Your fans love you, but they love themselves more.
  • The goal is to build a mutually beneficial relationship with your fans.
  • Why guess when you can ask?

Revisit the highlights.

18:10 – How to Build Email Anticipation
31:00 – Industry Standards For Open Rates
36:23 – Bad Subject Lines
40:18 – Giving people more than music


Episode #012: The Business Behind Cruise Ship Music Festivals with Andy Levine

Andy Levine is the founder and CEO of Sixthman, the industry leader in themed destination events that focuses on building fan communities through unique vacation experiences. Sixthman breaks down the walls between artists, heroes, partners, and their passionate fan bases by creating exclusive, interactive, and intimate environments on board. Sixthman has produced theme cruises with Kid Rock, John Mayer, Lynynrd Skynyrd, KISS, Jillian Michaels, Barenaked Ladies, Lyle Lovett, Sister Hazel, Patty Griffin, Train, 311, Zac Brown Band, VH1, Graceland, and dozens more. Sixthman was named the #1 fasted growing travel company by INC 500 Magazine in 2011 and the #87th overall fastest growing company in America.

Important Things to Remember.

  • If you work with your hands, rest with your brain. If you work with your brain, rest with your hands.
  • Make your fans feel seen and heard.
  • Take such good care of your guests that they come back and bring friends with them.  

Revisit The Highlights.

02:47 – The Importance of Community and Culture.

09:49 – How Does a Band Play A Cruise?

14:40 – Seven Checkpoints for Building an Experience.

21:39 – Building an Immersive Experience.


Episode #011: 3 Biggest Mistakes Musicians Make on Facebook

If you aren’t using Facebook to build your fanbase then you are missing out. Facebook can be a powerful tool that helps you find your fanbase. If that hasn’t been your experience then you are probably trying to figure out what you are doing wrong.
You need to figure out what you are missing so you can fix them immediately. That’s why Leah walks you through three common mistakes she sees musicians make on Facebook.   

Things to Remember

  • Put a link in your personal profile that leads other to your professional profile.
  • Google does not spider your personal page.
  • You can’t use Facebook Ads with a personal profile.
  • Brand continuity established trust between yourself and your audience.
  • Build a community and culture around your music.
  • Posting is all about quality.

Revisit the Highlights

  • 00:42 – Using your personal profile.
  • 09:19 – Using outdated graphics.
  • 12:23 – Promoting your music in all posts.


Episode #010: Student Interview: Ty Richards

Ty Richards Podcast Interview With Leah McHnery on the Savvy Musician Show

Ty Richards is a father and graphic designer from Austin, TX. Last year he went from having a few Facebook friends to being on the college radio charts.  In this interview Leah talks to Ty about what works, what hasn’t worked, the difficulties of playing live and how to be the most effective with what little time we have.


  • “You have to market in a different way than you normally communicate as an artist. It has to be super clear.”
  • “You aren’t a victim to where you are at. It’s easier to connect with fans than it’s ever been.”
  • “Don’t wait for the stars to align, work with what you have.”
  • “Take in notes in the form of a ‘to do list.’ Take actionable notes.”


  • 05:15 – Performing Live
  • 07:30 – Benefits of going small
  • 13:00 – Finding and nurturing your audience
  • 17:00 – The Payoff
  • 20:00 – The New Music Business
  • 24:19 – Limitations can guide you

Episode #009: Why I Deleted My Soundcloud Account

There are an endless amount of social media accounts that an artist could create in order to connect with their audience. It’s tempting to throw yourself on all of them and hope for the best. Odds are that strategy hasn’t given you the return that you were hoping for. There’s a reason for that. Not all Social Media is created equal.

Important things to remember:

  • Having a large number of listens do not necessarily equal sustainability.
  • Make sure you are getting more than you put in.
  • Aim for quality not quantity.
  • Reviews are great social proof.

Revisit the highlights:

02:56 – Do everything purposefully

04:34 – Return on Investment

05:25 – Social Proof

06:37 – How to get social proof


Episode #008: How I Manage My Time and Seasons

As an independent musician, you are responsible for your own success. There’s much more to do than just write and record your music. You also have to consider your marketing, your branding and your content creation. In order to handle your growing music career and still keep your personal lives in order, you will need to have a plan.

Important Things to Remember:

  • You can’t do all things at all times. Work in seasons.
  • Be mindful of how often you are context switching.
  • Get help with things outside of your zone of genius.  
  • Don’t delegate your marketing. It needs to be an accurate representation of who you are.

Revisit the Highlights:

01:30 – Beat the mental game

11:04 – Balance is a Myth

13:45 – Quarterly Focus

17:12 – Delegating

22:17 – The 80/20 Rule

Episode #007 – Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins

Some people think it’s “bad” to mix money and art, and those people are wrong. Why should artists need to suffer in order to create “real” art? We’re here to challenge the starving artist stereotype that has stunned our persistence and creativity as artists.

In this episode, Leah walks us through her favorite highlights from Jeff Goin’s book ‘Real Artists Don’t Starve’ and shows us that it is possible to make both art and money.  

Important Things To Remember:

  • Everyone deals with imposter syndrome. Successful artists ignore it.   
  • Art needs an audience. In order to be found, you must be findable.
  • Marketing contains a relevant platform, relevant message, relevant offer, relevant           audience. 
  • “The thriving artist understands that business is part of art and money is something an artist must master”
  • If you don’t value your work, no one will.
  • Digital sales are not limited to music.

Listen to the Highlights:

07:35 – Becoming an Artist

10:40 – Creative influence

12:10 – Be stubborn

17:52 – Practice in Public

22:08 – Promote Your Work

24:57 – Marketing

28:19 – Money

30:31 – Diversify Income Streams

Episode #006: Is This The Facebook Apocalypse for Musicians?

Some are saying the new Facebook algorithm is a blow to brands that they may not recover from. It sent companies and content creators into a frenzy. Are these reactions justified? In order to figure out exactly how we should react to the changes, we need to look closer at the reasons for the change, and how to use those changes to our benefit.  

Important things to remember.

  • Facebook is a business that wants it’s users to have a more enjoyable experience. When people have an enjoyable experience they are more likely to engage.
  • Facebook’s new values show you what to do and what not to do if you want your posts to be seen.
  • Make sure your feed is a mix of scheduled and spontaneous posts.
  • “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos
  • An email list is the most reliable way to make sales, and give you more control over how often you connect with your fans.
  • The fortune is in the follow up.

Catch the highlights.

3:23 – Facebook as a Business

5:45 – Navigating through facebook’s new values

13:16 – How the new algorithm has helped increase sales

16:57 – Things to stop doing

23:20 – Things to start doing

27:20 – Building a culture around your music

32:25 – Building a Facebook group around your culture

35:38 – Train your following to click the “See First” button

36:40 – Email lists

Episode #005: Find Your Niche – The Difference Between Failure & Success

Important things to remember:

  • The way to build an audience is to focus on a micro niche.
  • Your niche should be something that already exists.
  • The best way to go big is to start small. If you don’t get narrow, you will get lost.
  • The goal is to be accurate, not creative.

Revisit the Highlights:

01:19 – Why you need to find your niche

06:07 – What a niche is not

09:32 – How knowing your niche helps you target your audience

12:18 – How to know if you’ve found the right niche

Need more help finding your microniche?

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