Episode #023: 87k in One Month Pt. 2


Leah just completed a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign. The campaign exceeded it’s $50K goal by $37K.  In this episode Leah continues to break down how she raised 87K in a month, why this campaign was different than previous campaigns and how she organized the campaign to make it as effective as possible.

Important Things to Remember

  • When someone wants a product, they feel like they need it.
  • Remember the 5 Calendar phases.
  • You don’t have a launch day, you have a launch month.
  • Use Google Sheets and Airtable to keep you organized.
  • Make sure someone takes ownership of each task.
  • Pick a platform with a clean mobile experience.

Revisit the Highlights

03:12 – Creating a Need  

09:34 – The 5 Calendars

17:20 – Observations

25:00 – Delegation

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Leah McHenry

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