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Episode #005: Find Your Niche – The Difference Between Failure & Success

Important things to remember:

  • The way to build an audience is to focus on a micro niche.
  • Your niche should be something that already exists.
  • The best way to go big is to start small. If you don’t get narrow, you will get lost.
  • The goal is to be accurate, not creative.

Revisit the Highlights:

01:19 – Why you need to find your niche

06:07 – What a niche is not

09:32 – How knowing your niche helps you target your audience

12:18 – How to know if you’ve found the right niche

Need more help finding your microniche?

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Episode #004: Top 10 Social Media Tools for 2018

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of tools out there that you could be using to help you take control of your online music career. In order to control your music career, you need to organize it. Knowing which tools to use and how to use them is imperative. These tools can help save you time, money and a lot of grief.


Important Things To Remember:

  • Marketing is making what you are doing predictable, repeated and scalable.
  • Have some social media posts planned, but leave room for spontaneity.
  • Post more selfies. People want to know who you really are.
  • Let people into your process.
  • Your fans are expert marketers. They will tell you what they want.

Listen to the List:

07:47 – Canva – For graphics and design

09:47 – Adobe Spark – Create video graphics for social

10:44 – Post Planner – Find, Plan and Post social content

15:27 – Facebook Live – Let your fans into your life

17:57 – Facebook Pages App – Manage your page on the go

19:43 – Facebook Polls – Ask your fans what they want

22:51 – Evernote – Organize your notes

24:46 – Dropbox – Store and backup your work

29:00 – Mailchimp – Organize your email list

33:00 – Getemoji.com – Get emojis that grab people’s attention


Episode #003: How I’m Planning a Multiple 6-Figure Music Year

Treat your music like a business and get business-like results.

Nobody feels like waking up before the sun to go to the gym but when you make a decision and then follow through, eventually you see the results. The same can be said about your music career. If you wait on inspiration to plan the business side of your music career, you’ll be waiting a long time and you’ll be broke even longer. That’s why Leah walks you through WHY you should plan, and also HOW you should plan while using her own music career as the example.


  • Get help!  You can’t (and shouldn’t) do it all on your own. Get help with graphics and web design. Get help with your merch.
  • Your revenue goals should make you uncomfortable.
  • Set your goals and reverse engineer them to give you your daily action steps.
  • Writing your plan down gives you vision and motivation.
  • Big goals create actions, actions create progress, progress makes your business happen.


Why take time to plan?

3:25 – Get direction and a clear path

4:33 – Every Action must have clear purpose (even experimenting)

5:00 – Keeps you motivated

6:00 – We need a target

6:34 – We need a big goal

How should we plan?

7:55 – Set annual goals

9:12 – Setting revenue goals – The goal should make you uncomfortable

14:05 – Set project goals

18:00 – Set release goals

18:45- Setting quarterly goals – Turn quarterly goals into a to-do list

Helpful tools to help you get organized:

Evernote, for notes on the go

Asana, for team management

Google sheets and Google Docs for planning and budgeting

Episode #002: The 6-Figure Music Map: Pt. 2

Once you’ve nurtured your culture and mastered your free traffic, it’s time to start building your Fan Generation and Engagement Machine. The beautiful thing about this machine is that it works while you hang out with your kids and it works while you sleep. You still have work to do, but now you have help. Just like any other machine, all the parts are important and they go together in a specific order.


  • Fan Generation and Engagement Machine functions best once you’ve mastered your Artist Identity Infrastructure.
  • Focus on the superfans. They will keep your music sustainable by putting their money where their mouth is.
  • An email list is an asset and is worth money!
  • Retargeting helps target people who have already shown interest in you but may have been distracted or busy the first time they came across you.

Download the Music Map >> Here <<


3:50-  Fan Generation And Engagement Machine

9:15 – Paid Traffic -Don’t pay for traffic if you haven’t mastered free traffic.

9:50 – Facebook Ads

13:00 – Retargeting – Most people need to see things multiple times before they take action.

16:45 – Email Marketing –Think of email marketing as relationship marketing.

18:41 – Copywriting – Using written words to motivate people to act! This includes headlines, email titles, and social media posts. How do you use our words to motivate people into action?

22:35- Artist Identity Infrastructure recap

Episode #001: The 6-Figure Music Map: Pt. 1

Making a record and putting it on the internet doesn’t guarantee that anyone will discover it. By finding your micro niche and nurturing your culture, you can help stack the odds in your favor. By building a culture and nurturing your fanbase, you can use social media to find a group of super fans that are enthusiastic and loyal. All of these things can create a music career that is scalable and sustainable. But how does that actually work? Feeling lost? That’s why we made you a map …


  • All of the steps mentioned work together and have a specific order. Try not to get impatient. Take one step at a time, and do each step well before moving to the next step.
  • A handful of passionate fans is more impactful (and profitable) than lots of lukewarm fans.
  • Social Media is meant to build your culture and your community. Remember that people come for the product, but they stay for the community.  
  • Branding is more than a logo. It is a consistent culture across all social platforms.

Download the Music Map >> Here <<

Revisit the highlights

0:00 – Introduction.

4:00 – Why the Sustainable Music Map?

4:40 – First things first. Quality music.

  • It seems obvious, but it needs to be said.

6:35 – Finding your  micro niche.

  • It’s better to be a big fish in a small pound.

15:10 – Utilizing free traffic.

  • Don’t pay for traffic until you master free traffic

22:58 – Importance of building culture.

  • The difference between success and failure lies in how you develop your culture.

24:00 – Branding

  • It’s who you are and what your music represents. Consistency matters.

26:25 – Launching Online.

  • Who are you launching to? Does anyone know you exist?

30:30 – Artist Identity Infrastructure.

All of these points are imperative for building you artist identity. This is the foundation you build your house on.