Episode #008: How I Manage My Time and Seasons


As an independent musician, you are responsible for your own success. There’s much more to do than just write and record your music. You also have to consider your marketing, your branding and your content creation. In order to handle your growing music career and still keep your personal lives in order, you will need to have a plan.

Important Things to Remember:

  • You can’t do all things at all times. Work in seasons.
  • Be mindful of how often you are context switching.
  • Get help with things outside of your zone of genius.  
  • Don’t delegate your marketing. It needs to be an accurate representation of who you are.

Revisit the Highlights:

01:30 – Beat the mental game

11:04 – Balance is a Myth

13:45 – Quarterly Focus

17:12 – Delegating

22:17 – The 80/20 Rule

Leah McHenry

It's become my absolute obsession to find out what will make musicians successful today. In the face of many obstacles, and in the vast sea of the internet, we have an opportunity that has NEVER been available to us in the history of the music business.