Episode #092: How To Reap The Benefits Of A Millionaire Mindset, Pt. 2


Continuing last weeks case study of “The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class” by Keith Cameron Smith, Leah and C.J. focus on the distinction of how one handles change. Musicians of all people, with the recent digitalization of music sales and the rise of online culture, should understand how important it is to not only embrace change but seize its opportunities.

Keith Cameron Smith says, “Learning to embrace change assures that you are becoming a person who can profit from life’s opportunities. The future belongs to those who can change with the times.” Does the future belong to you? If so, you’ll be checking out this week’s episode to find out how!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Building self-confidence
  • Embracing change
  • Profiting from opportunities
  • Using change to grow
  • Choosing the people in your life
  • Having an abundance mindset
  • You are the bright side
  • A mindset that adapts to change


“How do I build self-confidence? Little victories.”  – @metalmotivation [0:02:59]

“A choice is backed by belief that you can do it. A wish is backed by a doubt that you can.” (The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class)  – @LEAHthemusic [0:08:46]

“Change shows you what you’re made of. It reveals what’s inside of you.” (The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class)  – @LEAHthemusic [0:09:37]

“The number one reason people resist change is fear. Fear blinds you to opportunities.” (The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class)  – @LEAHthemusic [0:10:13]

“Learning to embrace change assures that you are becoming a person who can profit from life’s opportunities.” (The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class)  – @LEAHthemusic [0:11:13]

“Relationships are capital.” – @metalmotivation [0:18:19]

“No matter where you are in life, you can always think bigger.” – @metalmotivation [0:20:37]

“You will become like the people you spend time with.” – @LEAHthemusic [0:23:01]

“When you get into this abundance mindset, you realize how toxic so many people in your life really are.” – @LEAHthemusic [0:23:29]

“The less the people around you understand how success is achieved, the more they’re going to think you cheated to get it.” – @metalmotivation [0:24:48]

“If you want to look on the bright side, look in the mirror, because you are the bright side. And if you can’t say that to your situation, then you know you’re the problem.” – @metalmotivation [0:27:07]

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00:21 CJ: Welcome to the Savvy Musician Show. This is CJ Ortiz, the branding and mindset coach here at the Savvy Musician Academy. Joined once again by her eminence, my favorite music marketer, Leah McHenry. Leah, how are you?

00:34 Leah: I’m wonderful, thank you. And I just never get over the whole eminence thing, but it’s funny to me.

00:41 CJ: It’s so necessary.

00:43 Leah: Okay.

00:46 CJ: Well, when I first started this podcast I said, “You need somebody to talk to you so that you can be properly positioned for this,” so you didn’t realize it would be like on a throne.

00:57 Leah: No, I didn’t. Thank you though.

01:00 CJ: You’re welcome. But it’s good to know it doesn’t go to your head that you keep your wits about you and stay humble.

01:07 Leah: Yes.

01:07 CJ: Leah, you have a humility.

01:10 Leah: I’m sorry. What’d you say, peasant?

01:12 CJ: That’s right. You have a humility you can be proud of, right?

01:15 Leah: Thank you, peasant.

01:19 CJ: That’s right. All right. Let me, before we get into this, and I’m excited about continuing this discussion about the successful and the unsuccessful, Leah. This is revolutionary. And as we say from spiritual circles, those who have an ear to hear, let them hear, because this is a message you desperately need to hear right now. But let me share a quick student spotlight. This is from one of our TOM students. And when we say TOM, we mean from The Online Musician course.

Dawn Boudreau who writes, “#win. I was hesitant to share because it’s small, but Karen Connor encouraged me. For years, my CD Baby digital distribution royalties have been trickling. I’ve received $20 every six to nine months. I released a new album at the end of November and had been watching for the results. It was creeping up by pennies. Then on Tuesday, it jumped from $16 to $29. Then today, it jumped to $35. All the work I’ve been putting in is starting to have an effect. It’s a small thing, but also only one little corner of my music business. I’ve also started a group last week that has over 190 members. My Facebook page likes are getting closer to 1000. Now, if I can steer these folks to my email list, I’ll feel like I am on my way.”

02:48 Leah: Wow. Love it.

02:50 CJ: Little victories. Little victories, ladies and gentlemen.

02:54 Leah: It’s great.

02:54 CJ: Nothing will rewire your brain-

02:55 Leah: Very important.

02:55 CJ: Yeah, nothing will rewire your brain than little victories. People ask me all the time, “How do I build self-confidence?” Little victories, man. And make a big deal about them. You should do something really, really small, but act like you just achieved a huge victory. High-five yourself, yell, do something, keep yourself motivated and encouraged. Because with each one of these things, you didn’t get to this place of self-defeat overnight, it was by being torn down brick by brick, and we’re going to build you back up, brick by brick, with each little victory representing one brick in that new wall of self-confidence. That’s why we share these student spotlights.

03:36 Leah: That’s right. Yes.

03:37 CJ: And so, results are results because Dawn can scale that, right?

03:43 Leah: That’s right.

03:44 CJ: They can scale. In fact, that’s what we’ve been talking about, in essence, with successful and unsuccessful people, the difference between them. One aspect of this is about scale. And in the first episode, we kind of laid the groundwork for this, and just trying to get people thinking, don’t get triggered when it comes to talking about rich or poor, upper class, middle class, millionaire, and people who aren’t millionaires and poverty thinking and all. I think we laid that groundwork sufficiently. And so now, we’re coming into, again, going deeper now, deeper to uncover the essence of the way we need to be thinking about all aspects of life, and how a mentality of success operates, how it treats things like setback, change, possibility, abundance-

04:35 Leah: Obstacles.

04:36 CJ: Obstacles. So, Leah, take us into this.

04:40 Leah: Yeah, so in case you guys didn’t listen to the last episode, definitely go back and listen to that. It sets the foundation and the tone of this whole thing we’re doing here. I’m reading a very offensive and controversial book titled “The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class” by Keith Cameron Smith. I’m reading it to my children for our homeschool morning time, which is my daily time of impartation to them, just teaching them. We learn about whatever we want, we read, we journal, all kinds of fun things. I love it. And this book is fantastic. It’s simple enough, a child can understand it, maybe not in all the different facets, but they can understand the key concept here. And my mind is blown as I’m reading this again for the second time, maybe even the third time in my life. When I first read this book, we were poor and broke and the concepts inside this book had seeded my heart. They’ve seeded my mind for success in the future.

So, once I had my music and I had a product and something to sell and I went to work and doing the things, the principles that are in this book and books like this positioned me to have the character and just the right mentality to grow my wealth. And so, I want to impart this now to you. So, I’m going to read a segment from the book today. It’s distinction number eight and it’s called “Millionaires embrace change. The middle-class is threatened by change.” This challenges me because, as a creative person, it’s difficult when sometimes there are circumstances outside your control, and it feels like the ground is moving beneath your feet, and it’s difficult to have a launchpad sometimes when there’s so much change going on. And I want you to be thinking about all the challenges you’re facing right now, whether it’s algorithm changes on Facebook or on the social platforms or changes in your band member lineup, changes in your relationships, changes that are going on, the things that seem bad, and things that seem to threaten you. This is meant to challenge you, and this is challenging me.

“Millionaires embrace change. The middle-class is threatened by change.” I’m going to read this. “Change can be positive or negative. The problem is, we don’t know which it will be when the change first presents itself. People don’t mind positive change. They actually want positive change. The problem with the middle-class is that it assumes change will be negative most of the time.” They assume it will be negative. “Millionaires assume that all change, positive or negative, will benefit them.” And I can’t pronounce this guy’s name, but I’m going to try. “Nido Quibein says, ‘For the timid in our society, change is frightening. For the comfortable, change is threatening. But for the truly confident among us, change is opportunity.’ Learn to embrace change. How well do you handle change, especially unexpected change? Learning to deal well with change is a must if you are to become a millionaire. Millionaires embrace change because they know it always brings an opportunity for growth. People who are insecure resist change. People who are confident, welcome it. Millionaires are confident.” And if you don’t like the word millionaire, just substitute that with success or successful person. Okay?

08:10 CJ: Right.

08:11 Leah: “Confidence is acquired through preparation and hard work.” I’ll read that again. “Confidence is acquired through preparation and hard work. Confidence is the result of working on yourself. It is the benefit of proving yourself to yourself. It is knowing you can handle whatever comes your way. Confidence is believing you can do whatever you choose to. Choice versus wish. Millionaires choose to be rich. The middle-class wishes it were rich. There’s a big difference between a choice and a wish. A choice is backed by belief that you can do it. A wish is backed by a doubt that you can.”

Holy smokes. Let me just stop there for a second. How many musicians do we run into that are immersed in the self-belief of doubt and of limitation?

09:06 CJ: Yep.

09:07 Leah: There’s such a gem right here. The “difference between a choice and a wish. A choice is backed by a belief that you can do it. A wish is backed by a doubt that you can.” Let that one sink in for a sec.

“Doubt is a code word for fear. The middle-class is afraid it can’t or won’t become rich.” Or substitute successful in your music business or whatever. “What’s inside of you? A belief that you can do it or a fear that you can’t? Change shows you what you’re made of. It reveals what’s inside of you. If you get angry when change comes, it’s because you have anger inside of you. If you get worried when change occurs, it’s because you are fearful. If you complain when change happens, it’s because you are ungrateful. Millionaires don’t complain or worry or get angry when change occurs. They look for the opportunity it brings. Change always gives you the opportunity to grow and become stronger. See opportunity and change. People in the middle-class fear change because they don’t know if they are strong enough to handle it.

The number one reason people resist change is fear. Fear blinds you to opportunities. When you develop a confidence and learn to accept change, you will be able to see the opportunity it is bringing to you. Someone once said, ‘In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves well-equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.’ Change teaches us new things that we need to learn. And the more we learn, the stronger and more confident we become. Confidence is strength. The more confident you become, the more prepared you are to take advantage of opportunities when they appear. You never know when an opportunity may present itself. The middle-class thinks millionaires got lucky and were in the right place at the right time. It’s not enough to be in the right place at the right time. You have to be the right person in the right place at the right time, otherwise you won’t even see the opportunity. Learning to embrace change assures that you are becoming a person who can profit from life’s opportunities. The future belongs to those who can change with the times.”

I’ve been saying that for years. “The purpose of change is to change us. Learning to accept change is the first step to becoming more confident. Allowing change to change you is the real purpose of it. People are born to learn and grow. Change is life’s way of making sure we do that, and learn to fly. Resisting change is like an eaglet not wanting to leave the warmth and comfort of his nest. Eventually, Mama Eagle starts changing the warm and comfortable environment by removing her nice soft down feathers from the nest. Before you know it, sharp sticks and twigs are poking the eaglet. ‘Why are you doing this to me, Mama?’ he screams. Mama Eagle says, ‘Because it’s time you learn how to fly.'” You used that example in the last episode.

12:10 CJ: I was about to say.

12:13 Leah: That’s great.

12:13 CJ: That’s funny.

12:14 Leah: “Change is life’s way of teaching you how to fly. The next time you ask, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ remember Mama Eagle’s answer to her baby. Sometimes, we don’t know what we can do until we have to. Ask someone to think back to a difficult time of his life, when life threw him a curveball, he’ll probably say, ‘It was the best thing that ever happened to me.’ Almost everyone has an experience like that. Let’s learn a lesson from ourselves and realize that change is always meant for our good. Change is good. The quicker you learn the lesson, the sooner you will start enjoying your new strength. It feels great when you increase your confidence. Enjoy the feeling of growing and getting stronger. Embrace change when it comes, and learn how to fly. Millionaires embrace change. The middle-class is threatened by change.”

And I’m going to start a new career reading books on audible. I’m just kidding.

13:11 CJ: That’s right. That was really, really good. Yeah, that was kind of eerie how much he was using the exact same illustration.

13:19 Leah: Yeah.

13:19 CJ: And he said some other things there, which is stuff that I’ve said for years, and you mentioned that you say it yourself. I’d always used to say that being at the right place at the right time happens several times a day for those who are prepared and keep their head on a swivel. And frustration is your friend if it drives you out of the nest. So, one of the reasons why… This is an interesting factoid about why the middle-class resists change. They say that 5% of the population, the personalities of the population, are wired to be entrepreneurial, 5%. So, that means 5% are employing the rest of the world, for the most part.

14:00 Leah: Wow.

14:01 CJ: The majority of people, 65% are this, what they call just the steady types. They don’t like change.

14:09 Leah: But we need some of those people, too.

14:10 CJ: Yeah. Oh, you have to, you have to. They don’t like change. They don’t want… They want things to be predictable. So, an example would be the difference between the success of McDonald’s versus Burger King. McDonald’s doesn’t change things much. They stick with the essential basics to keep them going. They focus on the family, right? Heavy emphasis on children. And they use the primary colors: red, yellow, blue, that kind of thing. Whereas Burger King is all over the place, and so that you don’t know who exactly they’re targeting. They’re constantly changing things, so they struggle with success. Whereas, McDonald’s knows that the majority of the population wants primary colors, loves their family, lives paycheck to paycheck, doesn’t want things to change.

14:59 Leah: Yeah. Interesting.

14:59 CJ: They keep things predictable. The more predictable that you can be, the easier it is for the majority of people to function. So, some of that is good. We need predictability. I don’t want a world that’s unpredictable. I don’t want to wake up every day and wonder whether the transportation system is working or the sanitation system is working or whether my cops are going to be there today or not. Sure, we want that measure of predictability. But not resisting the change that’s necessary. Because like he said, there is opportunity in change.

So, people always ask me, and this is going to sound maybe counter, but I mean it in a different way because he’s obviously talking about long-term thinking. He mentioned earlier about long-term plans, 10 years and all that, is that people will, because I’m in a lot of success groups and all that kind of stuff and meetings and so, everybody talks about five-year plans and all of that. But I’ve learned over time that the best way to describe my approach to future planning is the two words, ‘seize opportunities’. Because SMA was not a part of my five-year plan.

16:13 Leah: Yeah, how about that? That was just out of the blue, right?

16:16 CJ: Just one of those things, right? Metal Motivation was not a part of my five-year plan. It was an idea that appeared. And so, the entrepreneur will look at it and say, “Calculate the risk” and say “is it worth it? Do I feel the idea has enough merit to go after it? Do I see future potential?” And so, they take that risk. They could be wrong. They could be wrong, but they understand that’s far, far better because there’s always something on the other side because they know that you can always keep doing it. I have somebody near and dear to me who kind of grew up in more of a blue-collar area. And so, her father is a really remarkable man. He did 25 years in the Navy, left the Navy to do 25 years as a school teacher, went from 25 years as a school teacher and is about to finish or just finished his 25th year as a deacon in a Catholic church. 25 years, 25 years-

17:13 Leah: How old is this guy? This seems, he must be like 100.

17:13 CJ: Yeah, He’s a, well, he’s just, I think he’s 91.

17:15 Leah: Wow.

17:16 CJ: 91 years old, but that was his goal to do 25 years, 25 years, and 25 years. Now, he’s got great pensions from all of these things, but what it… But this person knows me so well and knows I am so not that way. I am completely independent and entrepreneurial.

17:33 Leah: Wired so different.

17:34 CJ: Yeah, but to his experience… So, her experience too is that, well, he’s an institutional guy. I mean, what bigger institutions do you have than the U.S. Navy, the military, the public education system, and something as big and universal as the Catholic church? These are major institutions that have their pension plans and all of these things. I don’t have any of that. You know what I mean? I’m complete, I have never worked for a corporation. So-

18:05 Leah: You’re on your own.

18:05 CJ: Yep. I cannot go back into the workforce because nobody’s going to hire me. And so, I’ll always talk about-

18:11 Leah: I wonder if I could even get a job.

18:13 CJ: Exactly.

18:13 Leah: I don’t even know if I could get a job.

18:14 CJ: Who’s going to hire you? So, but I’ll always tell her that things like relationships are capital. I always say, “Relationships are capital.” I spent an hour talking to this person here. I’m so excited about it. She said, “Well, why are you so excited about it?” Because relationships are capital. I never know when something could possibly be an open door to something else. So, whereas somebody else is always checking their, I don’t know, their 401k stats or their pension stats, so they’re always looking at that because that’s what they depend on, I depend upon my own efforts. I depend on my ability to see and seize opportunity, to act quickly, to be flexible, and I recognize that relationships are capital, that everyone that I know, that everything that I know is capital.

So, I always want to be feeding, always want to be resourcing because I’m figuring, just like he did, that it’s seeding, it’s, I’m feeding myself for what could potentially come. And yes, that’s risky. Okay? And people are scared to death of the unknown. I get that. Leave a nightlight on if you’re scared of the dark, okay? I’ve got enough nightlight on. I’ve known, I’ve seen enough success in the past and I stay in my field of degree. People are like, “Man, you just do everything right.” No. Put me on a tennis court, put me on a golf course, put me on skis and you’ll see how much I don’t do everything right. I stay in my lane. I don’t go off and try to prove something and get myself killed. People say, “Why don’t you go ice skating? You want to go ice skating?” I said, “Hell, no.” This is why. Because, as of right now, there’s probably, there’s 0.00.5% chance that I will break a limb right now sitting in this chair. But the moment I put on ice skates and get on the ice, those odds just shot up dramatically.

So, I’m not looking for that adrenaline. I have the adrenaline of helping people break their limitations, and step out and increase a greater life. To me, that’s a-

20:16 Leah: Yeah. Not breaking their legs.

20:17 CJ: No. That, to me, that’s a whole lot more thrilling, helping people break the shackles of their mental chains than going out and doing-

20:25 Leah: Breaking your legs.

20:25 CJ: Yeah, go and breaking your leg. I’m not, and that doesn’t mean anybody else shouldn’t go do that. Do your thing, man. That’s the color of life. We’re all diverse. We don’t have to all be and think necessarily the same way. But no matter where you are in life, you can always think bigger. Like you said, Leah, it’s like, okay, replace millionaire with successful. What does success look like for you? And there’s no way you’re listening to this podcast… Again, there’s not one person, not one, listening to this podcast that has reached their potential. Not one.

20:56 Leah: Nope, no.

20:57 CJ: And that includes you and I.

20:58 Leah: 100%.

21:01 CJ: Right? So, that’s why we’re pushing the envelope. That’s why we’re pushing… One of the things that Leah and I get out of this and why we get so animated and excited, she’s reading to you guys from a book that she already read 10 years ago. And she’s reading it now. Back then, it was just kind of getting herself to think that way. Now, 10 years later, she’s done things that other people have dreamed about. And so now, that causes her eyeballs to change. Now, she’s reading the very same book, very same information in a different way, getting so much more out of it, and qualifying herself for her next level. Some of you guys would just like to get to where she was five years ago, let alone where she is now.

But her mind is already 10 years down the road. She’s already thinking down the road. So, what’s the big deal? Is it just her talent? Plays a small part. How much have you ever heard Leah on the podcast get into the actual production of her music? She doesn’t spend a whole lot of time talking about that. She’s talking about right-

22:09 Leah: And I’m not even good at it.

22:12 CJ: But your fans might disagree with you, but the point is, is that she’s, which she’s really passionate about. We have a verse that I love that says, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” So, I just need to hang around you for a little while to see what you’re all about, to see what you truly believe. So, when it comes to spending time with successful people, I’m going to spend my time with Leah. Because I hear what comes out of her heart. What comes out of her heart is more and more of a passion about exceeding limits.

22:43 Leah: Well, let me tell you something. When you start thinking more this way, and you’re reading books like this constantly, and you are having conversations with your kids and your spouse, you’re like, this is what you’re surrounding yourself in and you start to realize the people you hang around, you will become like them. You will become like the people you spend time with, and there’s even a saying that you are the sum of the five people you spend most time with. So, I made a decision a long time ago. I was going to hang out with really successful people. To this day, I still don’t know very many really successful people, but I hang out with them via podcasts, via their books, via their blogs. That’s how I hang out with them. They’re my mentors. They don’t even know they’re my mentors. And you also quickly realize that when you get into this abundance mindset, you realize how toxic so many people in your life really are.

23:34 CJ: Oh, yeah.

23:35 Leah: You start realizing how-

23:37 CJ: You must, you need to say that again. That is so true.

23:41 Leah: When you get into this abundance mindset, and you start realizing your own potential, it will be revealed to you how many people around you… It’s the crab in the bucket scenario. They want to pull you back down. And you need to stop spending time with them. It’s sad. And it can be lonely. Because you realize, wow, I can’t hang around most of the people in my life. This is actually really eye-opening and it’s sad. I feel a little bit… There’s a reason why I don’t have that many friends, to be honest. I don’t have that many because I have some lifelong friends and you have your relatives and stuff, but you can’t choose your relatives.

24:22 CJ: Right.

24:23 Leah: But so many people are going to be poison to your abundance. Because they’re so stuck in their poverty mentality and they’re so stuck in what is not possible for you and what is not possible for themselves. And so, your circle of friends is going to become a lot smaller, the more abundant-minded you become.

24:47 CJ: Yeah. Because the less the people around you understand how success is achieved, the more they’re going to think you cheated to get it. You know?

24:58 Leah: Yep.

24:58 CJ: They’re just, that’s going to be their assumption, because they think you are still like them. And if they haven’t done anything of significance, then if you’re doing something of significance, it must be for a reason other than hard work. Even if it’s by fate or magic or silver spoon in your mouth or whatever, you’re getting something you don’t deserve. They feel like it has everything to do with deserve. I hate that. Hate that word. Because everybody uses it. “I deserve better.” Really? Why? Why do you deserve better? And deserve in terms of who? The universe? God? The Force? What is it? Who’s supposed to give you this thing that you say you deserve better? Or that you say, “She didn’t deserve him” or “he didn’t deserve her.” Deserve has got nothing to do with it because I know some absolute devils who’ve got plenty of money.

25:53 Leah: Right.

25:54 CJ: So, deserve has-

25:55 Leah: The world isn’t fair like that.

25:56 CJ: Yeah. So who, so what’s… And I know some really, really good people who have had some really, really bad things happen to them, and are in some really, really bad straits. So, deserve has nothing to do with it but that’s how we think. And so, that’s when we start the blame game. We start playing the blame game. We start pointing fingers at everything else, everything external to us. We are the ultimate environmentalist. That don’t mean tree-hugging. Which is fine if you hug a tree, that’s okay. But environmentalist means you believe everything is determined by something external to you. So, even if it’s just, even if you can get down to class, genders, upbringing, anything that you can point to, a politician, whatever, the more they will have a part to play. But the more you keep the focus on there, then the less you realize and release the power from the one person who can truly make a change in your life.

And that’s you. Because everybody tells us to look on the bright side. But here’s the reality. If you want to look on the bright side, look in the mirror, because you are the bright side. And if you can’t say that to your situation, then you know you’re the problem. You should be able to look in the mirror and say, “I don’t care what circumstances I’m in. I am the bright side to my bad situation, because I can do something about it and I can do something about it now. I don’t need somebody to come save me. I can do this.”

27:32 Leah: Wow. Yes, this is good. I hope you guys are getting something really meaty out of this. I don’t think there’s any marketing podcasts that really go in-depth on this level. Certainly not in the musician space. So, this is really a treat. It’s a treat for us to be able to talk about it here, and I hope that you find it as valuable as we do. Because this is really the stuff that leads to lasting change and lasting results. No Instagram bot or tip is going to do what something like this is going to do. Change your thinking and that will change your life. Okay?

28:14 CJ: Exactly. I tell the students all the time, “The majority of the success is really going to come down to you.” And by that, it means not just doing the work. It means the way that you see everything. There is, I can’t… I’m sure a physics professor could come in here, Leah, and explain to us how that works, but in our third-grade explanation, we can observe it that if someone is in the right mindset, if they think this way, the changes happen. Not because it materializes magically, but because it changes so many things about us. Everything changes every aspect of how we operate physically, the way we… the time we get up, how much effort we put out, how long we stick with something. We don’t get discouraged. It all multiplies and compounds together to create the greater results than we’ve created in the past because we were limited by our thinking. “Stinking thinking,” the guys used to say all the time. And we don’t want to be guilty of it, so.

But as you said at the outset, it’s embracing change. Don’t be afraid of it. Embrace it. Don’t be limited by it because short-term thinkers, limited thinkers are afraid of change. And your greatest success, your next victory is on the other side of the change that you’re so afraid of, and you’ve got to attack it with ferocity. Resolved, meaning there’s no questioning in your mind. You’re seizing your challenges. You’re seizing change. Whatever’s in front of you, like a lion seizes an antelope. There is no second-guessing in that lion’s mind. It doesn’t sit there and wonder if he should do it, if anybody’s going to judge him. The lion’s not afraid he’s going to fail. He’s not fearful of success. He sees the line. If you were to behold it in real life, see it play out in front of you, your breath would be taken away at the ferocity, the violence of the resolve in that lion when it sees its prey. That’s exactly the way you need to be in the way that you think.

30:16 Leah: That’s right. I love it.

30:19 CJ: Okay. Well, Leah, I’m anxious to get into this next episode. We’ll save what we’ve got coming for the next episode. But again, as we said in the last episode, again, we’re kind of leaking out what’s up and coming. TOM 3.0, The Online Musician 3.0, about to receive its… When’s the last time it’s been upgraded? How long since TOM 2.0?

30:42 Leah: It’s been a couple of years, I think, since we really did an overhaul to it and just upgraded it. A lot needed to be updated. But I also, during that time, have been able to gather a lot of data of just things, kind of missing pieces of the puzzle where I think it will really help students make a significant change and impact on their music careers, and success that they have online, and moving toward making real significant money and have a lasting career. Because that’s what I’m interested in. I’m not interested in helping them make a quick buck today and then nothing tomorrow. I’m interested in helping them build an ecosystem where they launch a career online and they have multiple streams of income, because I don’t believe in putting all your eggs in one basket, and then helping them establish a real brand that’s recognizable online, a real brand that can grow.

So, we’re looking toward a sustainable model here. And so, that’s what The Online Musician 3.0 is all about. If you’re wondering what the difference is between that and our Superfan System Elite program, the Elite program is meant to be a very advanced marketing program. It assumes you kind of have some of these foundational pieces already in place. So, for that reason, we don’t accept a lot of people who do apply into that program because they’re just not ready for it yet. And so, The Online Musician 3.0 program is all about helping you establish those very significant pieces of the foundation. You can’t build a house without a foundation. Advanced marketing funnels and ads and all the ninja stuff and launches and all that. That’s like the decor of the house that’s putting on the windows and the roof and all of that.

But all of that just falls away if you don’t have that foundation. So, The Online Musician is that foundation. It’s your branding. It’s who are you, what’s your artist identity? Who is your ideal fan? Who are they? You better know everything about that fan. You better know what books they read, what magazines they read, the demographics, their psychographics, what’s their favorite movies, what’s their favorite video games? You better know all that stuff about them before you even start to go marketing, spending money on ads. And so, that’s just part of it.

But we’re going to deal with mindset. We’re going to deal with website. I believe that by the time you’re ready for our Superfan System Elite program that your website looks amazing. That should, to me, you should leave that program already having some of these big foundational pieces in place. And so, I’ve found that there’s a few holes in the program and wasn’t quite as comprehensive as I want these students… I want these students, by the time they come out of there, they should be making money, they should have a recognizable brand that they’re really proud of, and they should know exactly what the plan is, moving forward, for how they’re launching their music online and building a sustainable career that they love, whether they tour or not. How’s that?

33:45 CJ: Perfect.

33:45 Leah: Join the waitlist.

33:48 CJ: Yeah, so there’s more information. In fact, we got a webinar that you can register for. And you can get all of this information at ExplodeYourFanBase.com. ExplodeYourFanBase.com. And if all that we’re talking about is even too over your head and you’re like, “I don’t think I’m even ready for The Online Musician, well, you always have another option. And that is something we’re very, very proud of, which actually has kind of a little bit of both, fundamentals as well as some advanced material, in the Inner Circle Membership, which you can join right away. In fact, a lot of our students in TOM and in the Superfan System-

34:26 Leah: And Elite.

34:27 CJ: And elite are subscribers to the Inner Circle Membership. And you can go to SavvyMusicianAcademy.com/InnerCircle and you get a cool, beautiful full-color magazine with that, full with interviews and tips and tools and motivational articles and latest updates, what’s happening in the changes of social media and marketing. You also get an audio version, read by me, and you get a mini-tutorial, a mini-course with each month’s issue and it’s pretty, pretty cool. So, go and check that out. But, Leah-

35:04 Leah: I recommend everybody should just subscribe to that, whether you’re in TOM or Elite, just everybody needs that. And the way that’s different too is it’s addressing a little bit more of the tactical stuff on a monthly basis and a different topic every month. Things that are not necessarily part of the fundamentals but stuff that we want you to know, and stuff that I think will be helpful and will contribute toward you creating more income for yourself. So, everybody should just go subscribe to that. It’s so affordable. Can you just find the money in your couch, please? And just do this, do this for yourself. You need to immerse your brain and your body and just immerse yourself in this, so it becomes second nature. So, that’s why we created Inner Circle. Go do that.

35:46 CJ: Yep. There you go. Yeah, it’s great to have some written-format stuff so that people can go back and refer to things. In fact, there’s even, go a little bit more in-depth on the student spotlights, not just sharing their wins, but asking about what happened, what was their latest victory, what determined that victory, what did they stop doing that created that victory, and what did they start doing that created that victory? And so, it’s a lot of really cool stuff in this inner circle membership. So again, SavvyMusicianAcademy.com/InnerCircle. To check out more about what’s coming up with TOM 3.0, ExplodeYourFanBase.com. Leah, let’s do this again. How about one more episode?

This episode is sponsored by The Online Musician 3.0, the upgraded version of the flagship music marketing course from the Savvy Musician Academy. This cutting-edge music marketing course is set to release soon, so sign up now for our waiting list to receive up to date information at ExplodeYourFanBase.com. Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins recently said in an interview, “If I was going to give you 60-seconds of advice, I would put your whole focus into reaching people through the Internet.” There’s no better way to start reaching your ideal fans on the Internet than by The Online Musician 3.0, which covers cutting-edge topics like mindset training, branding secrets and tutorials, creating a website that converts, Instagram for musicians, YouTube for musicians, using and leveraging Facebook groups, monetizing your music, creating a successful album launch, and much, much more. If you’re ready for your next level in creating your own online music business, then sign up now for our waiting list at ExplodeYourFanbase.com.

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