Episode #015: Crowdfunding Planning Guide


Lack of funds has always been an concern for budding musicians. In the past, artists tried to fix that problem but getting the attention of record labels. But now you can raise your own capital, involve your fans in the process, and not sacrifice your art or your profits. It is possible to launch and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign. All you will need is a strategy and determination.

Important things to remember:

  • Crowdfunding is not just about the funds. It is a marketing tool.
  • When crowdfunding, consider costs for merchandise, fees and shipping.
  • Crowdfunding is not charity. It is a transaction.
  • Average contribution is response to an email is higher than responses to other forms of communication.
  • Consider doing a pre launch video.
  • You need an audience, a project, a budget, a plan, and campaign assets.

Revisit the highlights:

04:14 – Why you should crowdfund
10:38 – How to know if you are ready
24:15 – Deciding on your funding amount
28:58 – Picking your platform
31:59 – Fixed or flexible funding?
34:49 – Picking the perks of the offer
36:30 – Delegating tasks
38:31 – Campaign assets

Crowdfunding Guidebook

Leah McHenry

It's become my absolute obsession to find out what will make musicians successful today. In the face of many obstacles, and in the vast sea of the internet, we have an opportunity that has NEVER been available to us in the history of the music business.