Are You Living the Dream as an Independent Musician?

Are You Living the Dream as an Independent Musician?

As I write this, we’ve recently celebrated Independence Day.


You might not know this about me but, even though I was born in Canada, half my family lives in the USA and I’ve spent a lot of time there.


I always looked forward to the 4th of July – loading up on fireworks and celebrating with my dad and relatives.


One of my favorite Independence Day celebrations was when I was a kid and my dad was living in Northern California (absolutely gorgeous there). We went to a local county fair for the afternoon… Gotta love the sights and smells of the county fair! It’s the best!!

But the reason it sticks out in my mind is because it was hilarious… My dad looks exactly like the celebrity actor Chris Elliot (Groundhog Day)

… and that day it really worked in my favor (as a 10-year-old kid).

We kept getting stopped by people asking him for autographs and pictures, and I got a free pony ride out of it! There really was no convincing these strangers that he WASN’T Chris Elliot!

HA! You just couldn’t convince them. Was really a fun memory for me.


One of the reasons I fell in love with the USA was because of the whole concept of the American Dream…


You can start out as a nobody and become a somebody.


You create your own destiny.


That’s never been more true today.

In the digital music age, some people claim that musicians can’t make a living anymore and the music industry is dead!

But that’s simply not true!

As you probably already know, I made a 6-figure income in music sales last year using the “1000 Superfan” method.

It’s not a new idea, but the ways in which we make it WORK for us have changed.

It was because I figured that out that my husband was able to quit his failing construction job and join my music business.

It’s only because of this very special time and place in history we find ourselves in right now that even made that possible!


I invite you to take a step of faith in your own ability. In your own music.
The American Dream can become a REALITY when you invest in your own skills. The 2% know that.
If you want to increase your income, your fanbase, your recognition in the world… you must get educated.


So that’s what I did.


When I started making a couple thousand dollars every month in royalties – instead of spending it on junk – I invested into business school, marketing courses, seminars and books.


I studied millionaires and what makes them so successful.


Then I took that knowledge and started applying it to the way I promoted my music and built my fanbase.


The result?

6 figures in 12 months. 😱 🙌


But you’re like, “Leah, that’s awesome, but I don’t have the patience, the time, the energy, or $20,000 to invest into business and marketing classes that don’t address my music goals directly… I need results right now.”

I agree! I get it… I had no idea what I had gotten myself into and don’t wish for you to take the long route!! It was a very long, tedious road to get to where I am now.


So why don’t you skip all of that and get ALL the most relevant info you need to know and a PLAN OF ACTION for your next 30 days?


I invite you to change YOUR destiny right now.


Make the American Dream your reality today.


One thing I heard from the millionaires I studied over and over:
==> The only determining factor between success and failure is ACTION.


Anyone can think nice thoughts about what they *might* like to do one day.
But it’s the action-takers that will build an amazing fanbase, get the recognition their music deserves, and get the attention of the world!


Leah McHenry

It's become my absolute obsession to find out what will make musicians successful today. In the face of many obstacles, and in the vast sea of the internet, we have an opportunity that has NEVER been available to us in the history of the music business.

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Leah Mchenry

Leah McHenry understands the real world challenges for every-day musicians because she is one.

Having started her music career completely backwards, she found herself learning the NEW music business long after she already started a family and was unable to tour.

Leah now spends her time continuing her own music career while applying the real-world marketing strategies herself, and is also dedicated to helping other independent artists do the same.