Featured Student of the month: Katherine C.H.E.

Featured Student of the month: Katherine C.H.E.


Katherine C.H.E. is a Nashville raised Folk, Pop, Country, Jazz, Gospel Singer/Songwriter


I’m a little older (won’t say how old) than the average “just starting out” musician. So, I’ve lived a lot of life and have a lot of experience to bring to the table.

I loved music and wanted to be a singer/songwriter when I was young. I listened to and fell in love with every form of North American music from indigenous music to jazz and folk and country and pop and gospel and dixieland…

When I had my son, he was really colicky. The ONLY thing that would soothe him was if I’d sing, so, I started singing to him, and as I was singing 24/7 for about six weeks, I was reminded of how much I love to sing. It planted a seed.

Then, about five years ago, I finally got the courage to head to some open mics, and I quickly started having my own shows.

Three years ago, I dropped everything to dedicate my life to music, and it has been a challenge to juggle being a good mom and trying to do music AND make a living from it.

Touring is out right now, scheduling live performances is a real challenge, and I was not making the progress I wanted to make in my music career.

Then, I found Leah’s program, and it gave me hope. She’s a mom, too!

Like I do with most things, I dove right in.

I got The Online Musician program at the beginning of this summer and after going through it decided the best first step for me would be to have a real CD; so, I spent much of the summer recording and mixing it while I continued to study the course.

I released the CD on September 15, and everything is sort of coming together – exploding, really.

Two days after its release, on September 17, my CD, “Campfire Sessions,” hit #1 on the Amazon Folk Album chart. #1! I’m still in awe of that.

Following Leah’s program helped me get clarity around my offering and my goals. In July I set some financial goals. First goal was “by September 1” and my next goal is “by February 1.”

I hit my September goal in mid-August, and my music income continues to increase.

Leah speaks about the power of clarity, and she is so right. I used to teach that myself. Getting clarity has an almost magical quality. When you get clear, it is as if miracles start appearing.

Meanwhile, I have been working on building my FB page.

My FB page reach has exploded following Leah’s FB advice. Even at 400 Likes, I had a reach of over 2000 and great engagement for the size of the tribe.

Before doing Leah’s program, posting on FB was like posting into a VOID. Now, I get likes and loves on each post. I get shares, and I even get replies.

As an example, I posted a simple, static video of one of my songs on FB just two days ago. It already has a reach of 180 and has had 82 views (really listens because there’s nothing to view). That is so great, and I definitely expect the numbers to grow as my Likes increase.

Following Leah’s instructions I have already created the entire pipeline to attract Super Fans!

I’m also using Leah’s techniques on my Twitter page and have increased my engagement there massively. @KatherineCHE

I’m starting to get press for my new CD.

“Her Campfire Sessions CD… takes the listener to a simpler time and place… a magic world of light and music.”

Here’s the full article:

I’m getting great reviews of my new CD on Amazon, too http://tinyurl.com/CfireSesh

And here’s another layer of what has been going on for me: about the time I started this program, I had a MASSIVE flare-up of a life-long skin problem. I don’t talk about this much, but I want to share here because it is a part of why this program is so powerful to me… It is VERY painful when this happens. It feels like I have blow-torches burning my skin 24/7.

Being in so much pain is EXHAUSTING. Truly draining. So, I’ve been sleeping odd and many hours. And it is very unsightly.

Meanwhile, because I have been following Leah’s program, I was able to push forward with all of this on my own time. I did not have to try to cover it with makeup and summon the energy for live performances. I could look like a monster and record and mix and interact with fans in my home.

This course has been and will continue to be a True Blessing and Just the Miracle I needed.

I am moving forward and have great confidence in the success I’m having and will have with my music ON MY OWN TERMS and when/as I am able.

I have hope, a plan, and the tools to implement it – thanks to The Online Musician program.

Thanks, Leah and Team Online Musician. ♥



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Featured Student of the month: Katherine C.H.E.


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