Featured Student of the month: Alexa Devoe / DeVoe Music

Featured Student of the month: Alexa Devoe / DeVoe Music


DeVoe Music, a Boston-based husband & wife duo, skillfully blend R&B, Funk, and rich vocal harmonies into soulful groove music


I joined The Online Musician back in December 2015 and was inspired to improve my skills in mixing & mastering – so I took a 6-month course on it and now I’m much more in control of my destiny.

I don’t think I’m the most successful student, but I feel that I’m one of the most inspired students!


Leah inspired me to figure out my niche. Finding your niche is key!


It was difficult for me (I’m 44) and it felt like it was a long journey to get to the point of understanding our niche. But people have compared us to some of R&B’s greatest music legends, from Michael Jackson, the Isley Brothers, and Jody Watley to Lisa Stansfield – just really great compliments to be compared to those amazing artists.


In the course, Leah has emphasized making time for your music, but it’s not my main income, not my everything. I have a great paying job that I love. My music is more of a passion & hobby that I’m enjoying. I’m chipping away a little at a time & going at my pace.


I’m your everyday person who loves music. I’d love to focus on the music but life happens. My mom has cancer & my stepson is healing mentally & physically from a car accident. I’m dealing with all of these distractions.


I don’t want to give up but it’s hard to find focus when life throws you distractions. I’m constantly taking little baby steps – one thing at a time. I’m the driving force; my husband is my support; we are a team when it comes to writing & recording our music.


My husband is my backbone. He supports me in everything & encourages me. When I go into the studio I know I can leave my special-needs son with my husband without feeling guilty for making time for my music. We are a team. We write together. We record together. I do all of the mixing & engineering. When we do the video shoots he helps me with that, but I do 90% of the business part.


I’m learning all of the time. I went to a seminar here in Cambridge, Mass. I introduced myself to people and I met a gentleman that is the leader of the Massachusetts board of directors for the Grammys! I told him they needed a woman on the next seminar panel & that I’m available. 🙂


My main drive is to get my music out there so people can hear it and enjoy it!


Leah’s course inspired me to do it myself & learn how to produce a quality product. So with my mixing & mastering course on top of Leah’s teachings, this fall will bring new successes!


I have a few Superfans who are very supportive in helping me get the word out there & encouraging me get to the next level.


I’m tweaking my marketing plan. I’m in the process of finishing tracks. It’s not going to happen in 3 months. You have to keep chipping away. 🙂



Leah, you are our inspiration & we appreciate everything you have done for us! Sometimes all you need is inspiration.



Connect with Alexa (DeVoe Music) and see what’s she’s up to:



Leah McHenry

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