From Broke Musician to a 6-Figure Music Business

From Broke Musician to a 6-Figure Music Business


I was literally changing my youngest kid’s diaper….


He was on the change table, and I was off in space, deep in thought.


(These things become second nature after you have a bunch of kids…)



Times had gotten hard in our family. I was a stay-at-home mom of now 5 kids. They needed me. I poured myself into them the best I could with the energy I could muster up via the coffee machine.


My husband was a good worker and wanted nothing more than to provide for his family and give us a safe and secure life. But the construction company was not doing well. Work was slow.

The jobs were becoming scarce, while the cost of living kept going HIGHER.



We were stressed out.



Then the cherry on top: the rental house we were living in went up for sale, and we would be forced to move soon. Not only that, but we couldn’t even afford the rent anymore, because work had slowed down so much.



What were we going to do?!



The initial anxiety and fear and stress we felt… well… only those who have been in that position can know how that feels.

It’s the sheer panic of being helpless.


But it was later on… when I was at the changing table with my baby, doing the mom thing, that I realized that not only would we SURVIVE this situation, but we would actually be OK… and there was even hope for a brighter future for our entire family.



How did I know that?



Because of the royalty paycheck I had just received that morning.



Just that week, I was praying, asking God to direct our family out of this unstable construction business and into something else.

… But all this time I thought it would be a new business idea or a career change my husband would take.


I had NO idea what would happen next!!


I had no idea my side music hobby would turn into something! I called it a hobby for so long that I didn’t really take it seriously until that morning…



I received over 💰 $2175💰 in digital royalties.



And that number was beginning to become a regular weekly occurrence.



It occurred to me in that moment that this independent music thing I’m doing is actually going somewhere. That the skills and knowledge I’d acquired was actually paying off
… and we were literally LIVING off my royalties!!


When our “reliable” job failed… it was my stupid MUSIC that was paying the bills, buying groceries and diapers, and keeping us afloat!


And that’s when I knew… I needed to kick it up a notch.

…or TEN.


So I asked my husband Steve to join me in my music career and help me take it to the next level… And we did.


After taking a whole crap-load of business courses, marketing seminars, and reading bazillions of books… I put my knowledge into action.


Using the “1000 fan model,” I took my music sales from approx. $5000 per year to over 6-figures last year!!! 🎉🎉🎉


And in an age where people say the music industry is dead!!



Can you believe that!


I’m here to tell you it’s FAR from dead…. and don’t believe anyone who tells you that!


>>>>> FAIR WARNING: you do need to know what you’re doing and have a plan of action. In order to succeed, you need to be very strategic. <<<<<


I did NOT wing it.


I reinvested a large portion of my music royalties into EDUCATING myself and INCREASING my skill level because I knew it would come back to me 10-fold.


And it did! That’s why I succeeded. Since then, my friends and music colleagues have been bugging me to share my secrets.



“How the heck have you accomplished this when apparently musicians aren’t getting paid anything from Spotify?” they asked me…



Not everyone has the time, money, or patience to go through the hassle of investing in bazillions of courses, seminars, and books that aren’t even related to music. I understand.
Well, instead of making my friends go through the same process I did (it took a couple years worth of INTENSE studying, and THOUSANDS of $$$)…


… I boiled down everything I learned from the marketing masters and came up with a very methodical, strategic approach which took me to my 6-figure music business now.


It’s called “The Online Musician.”



I’ll show you exactly how to do what I did and build a 6-figure music business with only 1000 superfans.


It’s really not that hard to do.


Even if you’ve never created an album or recorded anything before.
Even if you’ve never done a tour (I still haven’t done a tour!)
Even if you’re starting from GROUND ZERO.


This is a very simple, but stealthy approach to launching a successful music career online. The internet has changed absolutely everything we do now!


If you get nothing else out of reading all this way… you need to know what is possible for YOU if you’re a talented & determined musician… right at this very moment in time.


I hope you will feel encouraged!


We’re in a special place in history. We might never have this opportunity again… not like this.


Now’s your turn to change your music destiny.


I hope you’ll decide to change your musical fate today like I did, not that long ago.


Leah McHenry

It's become my absolute obsession to find out what will make musicians successful today. In the face of many obstacles, and in the vast sea of the internet, we have an opportunity that has NEVER been available to us in the history of the music business.

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Leah Mchenry

Leah McHenry understands the real world challenges for every-day musicians because she is one.

Having started her music career completely backwards, she found herself learning the NEW music business long after she already started a family and was unable to tour.

Leah now spends her time continuing her own music career while applying the real-world marketing strategies herself, and is also dedicated to helping other independent artists do the same.