Facebook For Musicians Limited Offer


Discover how to use your Facebook page to develop culture around your music, how and what to post to get more engagement, and the tools you need to manage your time and your page more efficiently.



You know you’re supposed to utilize social media to promote your music – duh! 

But are you actually getting RESULTS? 

Most musicians completely wing it when it comes to marketing their music…

…and somehow expect magic to happen…

…and then wonder why no one finds their music, why people unfollow and unlike their page, and why they aren’t making any CD sales.

Is this you?

I can tell you this: marketing your music is NOT rocket science.

It is an art — just like your music.

In less than 1 day you will know exactly what is working and not working on Facebook for music.

Everything I teach you in this mini-course I practice in my own music business. If it hasn’t affected my bank account – I DON’T TEACH IT 🙂

There are over 500 MILLION!!! people on Facebook right now!

THISSSSS is where your fans are hanging out. 

They are searching for your music. 

They WANT to find you. 

But they don’t even know you exist yet. 

Darn it. 

Instead of wasting your time on trying to experiment on random things that won’t get you more Superfans or CD sales — or even worse — buying FAKE likes (don’t EVER do that!)…

===> Just take a giant shortcut and learn exactly what you NEED to be doing RIGHT NOW on Facebook and what you should STOP doing immediately!

What You’ll Learn in 1 Day:

  • The biggest mistakes musicians make on their Facebook page

  • What and who your Facebook page is for

  • What to do about trolls

  • How to get organic traffic to your page

  • How to promote your music properly on Facebook

  • How to create a tight-knit community on your page that translates into CD sales

  • What, when, and HOW to post on your page

  • Spend LESS time on social media, and get MORE sales, and MORE fans.

  • Where to find good content to post on your fanpage

  • Why Facebook loves Video

  • How to create massive engagement in mere minutes.

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