Episode #033: Secrets of Spotify: Case Study On How to Increase Monthly Listeners & Revenue


Today on the show we are joined by Dave Powers from the band MountainCity. Dave and his wife, Tara, formed the band as a folk and country duo a few years ago and have managed to grow their following and revenue impressively since then. In our conversation, Dave shares the ways in which he has approached these tasks on the different online platforms and the strategies that have helped him take the band to where they are today. We discuss a lot about Spotify and how to get onto the important playlists on the streaming platform. Dave even shares some extra special tactics that have helped them get millions of listens and a steady source of passive income. We talk systems and spreadsheets, generosity, guerrilla marketing, and building mutually beneficial relationships in the business. For this and a whole lot more, be sure to join us today!

Key Points From This Episode:

    • A little bit about Dave and his band Mountain City.
    • How Dave has approached growing on Spotify.
    • Reaching out to people with playlists on the platform.
    • Understanding Spotify’s algorithms and how to use them.
    • Intentionality and the tracking of your systems.
    • Guerrilla marketing and reaching out to strangers.
    • Generosity and helping others through your network.
    • Doubling down on relationships and solidifying your listens.
    • How payment works on streaming platforms.
  • And much more!


“This is something you just chip away at over and over again, you translate your key words into different languages so you can tap into those platforms or a playlist.” — @Mtncitymusic [0:14:01]

“I continue to engage in the process so it’s kind of always building more and more. It really does ebb and flow.” — @Mtncitymusic [0:16:58]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Savvy Musician Academy Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/onlinemusician/

The Super Fan System Program  https://savvymusicianacademy.com/elite/sfs-email-marketing-st/

MountainCity — https://mountaincitymusic.com/

Jeff Walker — https://jeffwalker.com/

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