The Superfan System

The Superfan System

Learn advanced marketing techniques used by millionaires today and build yourself a 6-figure Superfan System that runs on autopilot!


What is the Superfan System?

There are certain strategies and tactics that are undeniably working to sell just about anything these days online, including music. In this course, we go into hand-holding detail on advanced marketing methods that will supercharge your music business with a system that automatically attracts fans and generates music sales.

What You Will Learn

How to use advanced strategies to nail your microniche, identify what sets you and your music apart and how to brand your product for your Superfans!

Find out the exact words & language the pro's use to make your music irresistable.... even before your SuperFans have heard it!

Discover the specific tools you need to get ready for a flood of SuperFans and scale your music business.

Tricks to become a Facebook Marketing pro without the overwhelm and without breaking the bank! You'll even learn the ad strategy that has all the gurus talking - re-targeting!

How to create amazing landing pages which drive Superfans straight to your email list and gets them to take ACTION!

Learn the secrets of writing emails that convert to SALES. By the end of this program you will have a system that sells music FOR YOU so you don't ever have to sell!

Create a fully automated machine that grows your fanbase, builds a close relationship with your superfans and generates music sales on a daily basis.  

BONUS: Master video marketing with right gear, scripts and on-camera style!

“My advertising is paying for itself…
it’s a no-brainer. Very exciting!"

Brian Judy | Super Fan System Student

Module 1

Music Business Prep!

  • Create a “hook” and a “mission statement” for your music that puts purpose behind all your marketing strategies!
  • How to DATA MINE your existing fans and learn how to read their minds!
  • How to identify “collector fans” who actually BUY music and merch!
  • How to outsource like a real business so you can make money!
  • Tutorials to help you navigate the outsourcing process so you’re ready to set up your SuperFan System!

Module 2

Speaking Your Fan's Language

  • How to create your “fan avatar” and know everything about your next Superfan so you can CRUSH your ad targeting!
  • The 5 exercises you need to write KILLER copy that converts casual listeners into buyers!
  • The RULES you need to know about copywriting — this is your secret weapon for generating huge music profits!
  • The no-guesswork formula millionaires use to sell virtually ANYTHING online… and we’re going to use it for your music!
  • Headline & Email Subject line workshop! How to get people to OPEN your emails!

Module 3

Email Marketing Like A Pro

  • Crash course in all the big marketing concepts used online right now that will accelerate your results!
  • How to plan your email marketing strategy that will have your new fans drooling for more!
  • Email is KING - everything you need to know about email marketing for music to become profitable!
  • Email writing workshop! We’re putting flesh on the bones and writing each email in your marketing funnel!
  • Deep marketing strategies for motivating your fans to ACTION!
  • In-depth Mailchimp tutorials to get you set up and ready to GO!

Module 4

Landing Page Prep & Ad Set-Up!

  • Landing pages: Don’t screw this up! Everything you need to know about what WORKS and doesn’t work!
  • Tour of the updates you need to know inside the Ads Manager!
  • In-depth tech tutorials on setting up your Landing Pages with E-mail so you don’t get stuck!
  • Magic numbers: the most important metrics you NEED to know in order to be profitable in your music business!
  • How to interpret reports and stats in your ads! We’re making this very un-sexy task and making it FUN!

Module 5

Advanced Facebook Ads!

  • Prepping for Paid Traffic: Optimizing your Fan Page for success!
  • Ad-building Workshop! How to build an opt-in ad that CONVERTS!
  • How to use the Power Editor like the professionals, and use the new Facebook Pixel to augment your entire FAN FUNNEL!
  • Ninja-trick #1: How to stay in front of the eyeballs of your potential Superfans and industry professionals using ADS!
  • Ninja-trick #2: How to attract MORE quality fans just like the ones you already have using a look-alike audience!
  • Ninja-trick #3: Re-marketing! This is the stealthy advertising trick that every successful business uses to increase their sales by 50% or more!

Module 6 - BONUS

Video Marketing

  • The Gear you need to create VIDEO Facebook ads
  • How to start live streaming on Facebook! What you need to know!
  • How to know WHAT TO SAY in your video ads!
  • How to get comfortable on camera - and how NOT to be awkward!
  • Extra tools and tips for making super ENGAGING video ads on Facebook!

Your comprehensive training includes:

Over 30+ in-depth video trainings with Leah, plus cheatsheats, email swipe, Facebook ad swipe, and downloads!

After 5 weeks the entire course and live recordings will be available for you to download and keep forever.

A system developed from MY OWN online music success. 


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The Superfan System

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Leah McHenry understands the real world challenges for every-day musicians because she is one.

Having started her music career completely backwards, she found herself
learning the NEW music business long after she already started a family and was unable to tour. That wasn't going to stop her. Instead of being discouraged and believing the lie that she was "past her prime" and that "no one will want to hear music from a stay-at-home-mom", she let her obstacles become her fuel and determination.

Leah now spends her time continuing her own music career while applying the real-world marketing strategies herself, and is also dedicated to helping other independent artists do the same, teaching the absolute latest and best information on navigating the New Music Industry.


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