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A mini-course to help you get more streams, more fans, and grow your revenue every month.


“Dave has been a HUGE help to me in growing my listenership on Spotify. Through his advice, I’ve seen my monthly listeners grow by 4000% in 5 months! And it’s still climbing!”
- Daniel Wakefield


Are you tired of feeling like a victim to streaming?


Are you sick of not making money with Spotify?


Are you ready to take control of this once and for all?

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Hey, it’s Leah here - founder of SMA.

In the past few years, I’ve been helping thousands of musicians around the world conquer their music career in what I call the “Wild West” of the music industry.

NOTHING has caused more panic, fear, confusion, anger, and mixed emotions than streaming.

When Spotify came on the scene, it was like a beast that ate all the other streaming platforms for lunch.

I kept my eye on it, watching and waiting until I could give solid advice to the thousands of musicians who look to us for help.

I can now say with confidence that Spotify is a fantastic tool for your music career.

How So?


It’s a massive discovery tool.

Besides the great keyword & genre search tools, the recommended playlist & personalization technology is going to put your music in front of the most likely listeners.


It’s a promotion tool.

Fans who have never heard of you can find your music, follow you, get email updates whenever there’s a new upload or tour, and you can customize your profile and personal message to direct listeners to a specific track or playlist.


It’s an essential revenue stream.

Are you going to get filthy rich from streaming? Maybe not. But would you complain if you were making $1000-5000 every month, consistently? This is realistic revenue you can build - and the best part is that it’s in your control to build this income, following our system. We never recommend relying solely on streaming, but it should become part of several streams of income.

The time has come to stop ‘crying in your coffee’ over streaming.

It’s time to embrace it.

Stop getting screwed by streaming, and take control of this huge potential income stream.

The bottom line is this: if you’re not using our system to build your fanbase, your network, and get on playlists - you’re leaving money on the table.

Stop whining and start DOING!




We were unsatisfied and unimpressed with the information we found out there.

The info we did find wasn’t sufficient, thorough, step-by-step or results-driven enough.

iPhone Mock-2

In addition, we saw all kinds of BAD advice, like recommendations to buy your way onto playlists. That is actually against Spotify’s Terms of Service and can get you banned!

We believe in excellence and we believe in results. We didn’t see anything remotely good enough.

When our star student, Dave Powers started getting some incredible results using specific methods, we wanted to bring these same techniques to musicians everywhere so YOU can start getting results like Dave.

Listen to what he has to say:

“I went from 629 Monthly listeners to 62,400 monthly listeners in 6-7 weeks. I really applied the system like CRAZY!"

- Dave Powers



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16 short & sweet video lessons

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Our spreadsheets, resources & systems for tracking your progress

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Private Facebook Group for support & extra advice

All for only $197!

Spotify for Musicians

“The Spotify for Musicians course has been a true blessing! Within a few weeks, we went from being on 2 playlists; one of them being our own, to 20! Our monthly listeners went from 800 to 16,000+ and our followers increased from 185 to 1,000! It’s hard work, but it’s worth it! -Myles Barfield of Dabster Gentlemen


”Dave really knows his stuff and has an actionable step by step plan for how to succeed on Spotify. He has done the hard work himself and has the results to prove it. This is not theoretical, it actually works. My Spotify streams have jumped significantly since starting to use his system. And now I have the system in place to continue to grow!"
- Chris Swan

"This brilliant Spotify strategy has really given me a new vision for what's possible in today’s music industry! I started with 25 monthly listeners and through taking the steps outlined in this course, I've have gone up to 7500 monthly listeners and growing! The Facebook group is also incredibly valuable for inspiration and information, a really generous group of passionate artists."

Kirk Smith Producer / Composer “We Dream of Eden”

Spotify for Musicians

"The Spotify for Musicians course has been pivotal to my Spotify success. Applying Dave Powers’ practical tips has quadrupled my Spotify audience in just a few weeks. Dave is a team player, and his experience, support, and encouragement, alongside networking within the Facebook group, has been inspiring. Onwards and upwards!" - Jenny Biddle

Spotify for Musicians

"I came into this class with a good knowledge of Spotify and Playlists already but what this class did do for me was teach me how to better organize playlist submissions and how to narrow down my searches when seeking out potential playlists. If you’re new to playlist pitching or a seasoned vet this class will be beneficial to you either way."
- Daniel Anthony from Green Knuckle Material


you will learn

We’ve put together a step-by-step no-fail system that is simple and easy to follow.


Here are some of the lessons we’ve got waiting for you!

  • How to properly claim your Spotify profile
  • How to set up your Spotify account for success
  • How to customize Your Spotify page
  • How to treat every song as a single + you get our spreadsheet to copy what we do!
  • How it all works: Understanding the 3 types of playlists.
  • How user-generated playlists are the most powerful and how to get on those lists!
  • How to trigger the Spotify Algorithm and leverage it to your advantage
  • How to submit your songs to Spotify’s Editorial Playlists
  • How to properly release new music to Spotify in detail
  • How to increase your streams into the millions
  • Song promotion strategies
  • How to develop your network, friendships & partnerships through Spotify (think long term & touring advantages).
  • How to integrate & promote your tour dates on Spotify
  • Resources to help you succeed
  • BONUS: How to drive more traffic to Spotify using Facebook ads (taught by Leah!)

So what are you waiting for?

Are you going to continue to be lazy and let streaming HAPPEN to you?

Or are you going to take the bull by the horns and use this revolutionary platform and technology to your advantage!

Every smart musician I know will be using Spotify as a tool to increase their fans and recurring revenue every month. Spotify isn’t the only tool in the toolbox, but it’s a pretty big one.

Get started today and take control of your streaming revenue!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work for my genre?

Yes, every genre of music can be successful. Country, R&B, Rap, Metal, Classical, Gaming Music, etc. It comes down to if the music is actually desirable and is it good quality. Not sure? Ask your friends, family, and fans for their HONEST OPINION… ask them if they think the recording quality is good or bad if they would listen to this, would they share it, do they hear any weaknesses, etc. It’s tough to sell music if it’s not reached its potential.

How much time per day will I spend on this?

Try to integrate these techniques into part of your daily and weekly routine. We recommend at least 10-15 minutes per day dedicated to this system. You can also enlist the help of bandmates, a manager, a co-writer, or assistant to help you in an on-going way.

Does this system work for other streaming platforms?

The strategies in this course have only been proven to work with the Spotify Platform. Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, and Google Play are platforms that are set up differently and would require different strategies. This course is called Spotify for Musicians because it is designed specifically to work with Spotify!

When will I start seeing revenue?

There are many factors at play here, including how fast you progress through the lessons and how quickly you implement all the teaching and if you are consistent! Most of our students are seeing an increase in their streams, fans, followers, within a few days of implementation! On the revenue side, Spotify is paying out artists 2-3 months after the streams are made. Ie. If you started today implementing everything and got 40,000 new streams this month, Spotify would distribute that money 2-3 months from now.

Can you guarantee this program will work for me?

Nope. Only you can guarantee anything will work for you. We know that the methods and systems here work. The question is if you will make it work for you. Only you can answer that. We are committed to your success and will do everything in our power to support you along the way and walk alongside you in this journey.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the course?

Our vision and commitment is to help change people's lives by giving them tools to improve their mindset and skills in their music business and get results! We do not offer refunds for any of our programs. If you do not implement the tools within the program, we cannot be held responsible for your lack of results. If you do not plan on putting forth the effort, then we suggest you don’t join. Subscription fees are non-refundable except as expressly set forth in these Terms. No exceptions.