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The Savvy Musician Show

The leading online music marketing podcast just for musicians!

Expert interviews, strategies, the latest changes in social media and Facebook advertising, album launches, crowdfunding, student success stories, and MORE!

The Best Resource available for Indie Musicians in the New Music Industry.


I really love the Savvy Musicians Show. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The information is always informative and relevant. I always look forward to new episodes. To find out new ways to help make my dream come true, providing for my family through my music. Thank you for your generosity. Keep being Awesome ❤️❤️ 

So Helpful!


Leah and CJ really give a lot of value in each episode! I appreciate how they cover different topics and highlight information taught in the SMA courses so they can reach as many musicians as possible. You can tell how passionate they are about helping other musicians (like me) succeed in the new music industry! ❤️ 

Best info for Musicians


This podcast has the most relevant and useful information for musicians of any I’ve seen. I always feel recharged and motivated and Hopeful after listening to an episode. 

Practical advice for the modern musician


I love how Leah presents a music career as something attainable, even with her busy life as a mom. She has learned how to navigate the modern music industry and I love this podcast that I've found to be super helpful for my own career. 

Great, informative podcast!


Inspirational and full of great content, from an awesome artist and business woman who shares her knowledge with enthusiasm. This is very generous! Thanks a lot! You make a big difference for a lit of artists! 🙏❤️🎶

Musicians! This is the marketing podcast you didn't know you wanted


Leah does a great job integrating the modern internet marking world with the goals we have as musicians. Highly recommended!!



I just started listening, but grab a pad and pen! This is THE MOST INFORMATIVE podcast I have found yet, and most people are charging left and right for this sort of information. Please take advantage of all of the information they have here to offer! Thank you to the creators for being so helpful to the music industry as a whole!

Excellence and Real Applicable Information


I have been following Savvy Musician Academy for a couple of months now and it has really been amazing to find such depth of information for FREE on a podcast. This podcast has helped me understand so many new concepts in marketing, branding, social media, ad performance, vocal training and much more. I am very excited to continue listening and I know that it is worth anyone’s time to check the podcast. Leah and CJ are amazing!