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When it comes to Instagram™ , does this sound familiar?

“In the past, I’ve given up on Instagram™  if I don’t see results or I’m spinning my wheels. When I’m not making progress on it with authentic engagement, fan base growth, profile likes, engagement, I start to feel like I’m not using the platform effectively and get bored or discouraged with it.”

This is what one of our students told us.


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    Have you given up on Instagram™?

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    Have you felt like, "it works for other people but not for me?"

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    Do you feel like you don't know how to built your music brand in an authentic way that makes people actually CARE about your music and become customers?

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    Does it seem impossible to get new followers?

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    Does the platform confuse you?

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    Do you feel lost as to how to get people to buy from you on Instagram™?

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    Are you not sure WHO is your target audience on Instagram™?


Instagram™ IS harder to learn and “figure out” than Facebook. It’s not as intuitive, they are adding new features all the time, and...

There are 5 different platforms within Instagram™, and that can be overwhelming! Plus… hashtags… how do you use those? What hashtags should you choose? How do you research hashtags? How many should you choose, where, and how should you post them for the best effect?

Should you use a personal account, creator account, or business account??? What’s the difference and why would you change? Will it help your sales?

And the big one…. What should you POST? Ugh… do you ever open Instagram™ and feel guilty you haven’t posted in such a long time, and you scroll through your photo roll and don’t see anything you think your followers would want to see? Are you unsure of what would be “on-brand”?

Instagram™ doesn’t have to be hard or complicated,
or even require much time!

If you are willing to withstand a short learning curve (aka. this mini-course!) you will feel very different about this platform as you see new people follow you consistently, take interest in your music, and buy your music & merch online.

Aside from Facebook, Instagram™ is the best place to build your music brand, build authentic relationships with fans, and convert them into customers over and over again.


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    Understanding how to use the features available on the platform properly.

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    Knowing what to post.

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    Knowing how to build your following consistently without gimmicks, bots, or bait.

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    Knowing how to get people to buy over and over.

If you’re not able to figure these things out on your own, you’ll be left frustrated and probably give up on a platform that could triple your music audience, reach, and sales!

We’ve got the solution for you with a very simple training you can go through in one day!

Are you thinking,

“She doesn’t know how hard it is because she’s not starting from scratch”?



I just started from scratch all over again. 6 months ago, I was where you are right now.

I recently started a new sister brand to my music, selling homemade candles, and by using these techniques on a brand new IG account, my following grew to over 10,000 followers within 6 months and quickly grew to a 6-figure business -- YES you read that correctly…. from a hand-made product that was built off my music brand.

See, you don’t need 500k followers to make sales on this platform. IG is absolutely responsible for a large percentage of my sales because the culture I’ve built around the product and brand has turned random people into ENTHUSIASTIC CUSTOMERS. And when you have enthusiastic customers, nothing could be better because it’s very easy to scale your business.

Things start to snowball once you have these new techniques down!

And guess what? With this whole new audience… I will turn them onto my music and any other product I want because they are now followers for life!

Here at SMA, we are vehement about teaching brand building from a CULTURE perspective because  👉 when you build your brand around culture, and culture around your brand  👈 it creates a special bond with people. People who would only understand your inside jokes because they’re fanatical about the same books, film, TV shows, and hobbies.

This is how you create a true audience that is real, authentic, and engaged.

Instagram™ for Musicians (IG4M) is the answer to
your frustration with this platform

Experienced musicians are learning NEW things they didn’t know:


here's what you'll learn & do ...


Instagram™ Fundamentals & Functionality!

You’ll know why you MUST be on this platform if you’re an artist, musician, or creative brand.

You’ll master the FIVE different platforms within Instagram™ and know HOW to use them!

You’ll also know what type of account you should choose (Personal, Business, or Creator), and how to write a FASCINATING bio that commands attention and follows!


What and How to Post!

This module is the KEY to never be stuck for content ideas again!

We teach a very easy formula that doesn’t put you in a box, but actually FREES YOU UP to be more creative, and yet gets much better engagement.

We’ll show you how to plan your content ahead of time so you spend LESS TIME on the platform and more time creating your music. Included is a special lesson on Instagram™ Stories and Highlights, as well as cool ideas for what to post on a weekly basis!


Build Your Following & Get Engagement!

This is the fun stuff! You’ll learn how to attract quality followers over quantity and why vanity metrics don’t matter.

You’ll know how to “data mine” your insights to know what you’re already doing that’s working, and what you can do to help your engagement instantly.

Attracting dozens of new followers every day or week will be very easy and straightforward when you know our 3 best ways to get them!

Your posts will live on when you understand our hashtag strategy - the biggest secret on Instagram™ that’s been under your nose this entire time!

Plus, you’ll master my killer giveaway & contest strategy that has catapulted my brand new start-up business to the 6-figure mark!


Using Paid Promotions on Instagram™!

Just when you thought you couldn’t have any more fun…. You’ll learn the bonus lesson of paid promotions on Instagram™ to boost the rate of new followers overnight for as little as $1 a day.

When you go through this lesson, you’ll know exactly when it’s appropriate to use a paid promotion, how to target the right audience, and how to make your new-follower-attraction posts live on for a long time!

Join IG4M today for just $197 $47 today and get all 3 modules and the bonus paid promotion lesson!



IG4M works for every genre of music. It's all about cultivating the culture that surrounds your music, which attracts the right fans to you. Your IG account will become a direct reflection of the mood and personality of you and your music. The more personality you have come through your account, the more superfans will be attracted to you like a magnet.



Since 2015, Savvy Musician Academy has helped tens of thousands of musicians, in every genre all over the world, to launch and market their music online effectively, leading to part-time and full-time income from their music sales. Using cutting-edge and principle-driven marketing techniques, our SMA graduates are making more than many people in their regular day jobs, and they're living the dream!

From our founder, Leah McHenry:

"I've been building my music brand online since the day I launched my first album on the internet in 2012.

After nearly 5 albums, 500,000 followers, 15 million video views & streams, and half a million in music sales in the past 2 years... and all without doing one single gig or tour...  

I've figured out the exact ingredients it takes to create a sustainable music career using the internet alone.  

If you've decided to take your dreams seriously and learn how to build your own music brand online, I invite you to take this Instagram™ class, where I will show you the most practical and actionable advice on the planet to grow your Instagram™ following and make more music sales!"

Join IG4M today for just $197 $47 today!

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