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Who is Leah & Savvy Musician Academy?

Leah McHenry founded the world's leading music marketing academy and coaching program, Savvy Musician Academy, in 2015.  

After years of struggling to get her music off the ground, she had a breakthrough moment: she stopped studying the music industry and started studying online marketing and business. After a ton of time, effort, and money spent on courses, education, and coaching, something amazing happened.  

Her music business began to make money and support itself -- and all without touring! 4 albums later, and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, she's become even more obsessed with how to help others achieve this same kind of success. She built her career against all odds, and in an era where people say "no one buys music anymore". Leah proves them all wrong and lives to help others do the same.  

It wasn't easy, trying to translate online marketing and business practices into the music world. After all, it's art, not a product that people need...exactly. And this is when Savvy Musician Academy was born.  

SMA was born out of the pain of trying to make business & marketing work for MUSIC. Not an easy feat, but Leah's gifting of teaching and ability to make difficult concepts easy to understand, and even easier to implement, caused an immediate explosion in the music industry.  

 Within months of opening SMA, they had thousands of musicians seeing real progress in their music careers for the very first time. Those bands/musicians who were already established began to build out the online component of their business, adding additional streams of revenue and exposure for the first time.  

What makes Savvy Musician Academy so unique:  

 1) Leah is not just teaching, she's in the trenches with her students, pursuing her music career and walking the talk  

2) The organization and methodology of curriculum is built for musicians at all levels of business/online marketing knowledge  

3) Leah and her coaches have a special ability to present knowledge and application in a step-by-step format  

4) Unprecedented client support! Leah says, "In this day and age, personal touch is practically gone. We pride ourselves in the level of personal service we provide. We outserve all our competition."