6-Figure Independent Recording Artist Reveals "How to Release Your Music Online in 2019" 

Discover the new way musicians & songwriters are building their careers using the internet!



  • The Huge Mindset Shift
  • that all musicians, songwriters, composers & producers must have to succeed in 2019 & 2020
  • The 10 Steps You Must Take
  • to build a music brand, attract fans, and sell music effectively
  • How Leah Made Her First $30,000 Online
  • with no advertising and only using social media & free traffic
  • Why Touring Is Optional and how Leah is able to make a full-time living from music sales alone and why she never tours
  • 3 Things You Should Stop Doing Immediately
  • and what you should start doing right now to build your music brand on the internet

This Masterclass is a MUST-ATTEND if...

  • You're a musician, songwriter, singer, or composer who wants to build an audience online  
  • You know you need to add an online component to your existing music career, but you don't know how  
  • You want to learn how to build a recognizable music brand online that you can scale over time  

A Personal Invitation From Leah...

I've been building my music brand online since the day I launched my first album on the internet in 2012.

After nearly 5 albums, 500,000 followers, 15 million video views & streams, and half a million in music sales in the past 2.5 years... and all without doing one single gig or tour...  

I've figured out the exact ingredients it takes to create a sustainble music career using the internet alone.  

This brand new masterclass for 2019 is fresh with information and the culmination of everything I've learned to build a multiple 6-figure music business using nothing but an internet connection.  

If you've decided to take your dreams seriously and learn how to build your own music brand online, I invite you to attend this LIVE masterclass where I promise to deliver the best actionable advice on the planet.

Register now to reserve your seat!  

I'll see you there,