Doors For TOM 2.0 Are Now Closed!

The online musician

Enrolment for TOM 2.0 is now permanently closed. We are no longer accepting new students at this time. You can join our waitlist below and we will notify you when we open the doors for TOM 3.0 coming soon in 2020!  

  Join our Inner Circle Monthly Membership in the meantime and receive the inside scoop each month on what is working, what to look out for and even monthly mini courses to help you with fast action steps you can take right now to advance your career, even if you don't have it all together...This is a perfect place to be.

What's Coming in TOM 3.0?

the online musician
  • Mindset Training
  • Branding Secrets and Tutorials
  • Creating a Website That Converts
  • Instagram for Musicians
  • YouTube for Musicians
  • Using & Leveraging Facebook Groups
  • Monetizing Your Music
  • Creating a Successful Album Launch
  • Much More!
Join the TOM 3.0 Waitlist!

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