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The Superfan System: Email Marketing for 2021 and 2022

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Times are changing FAST.

With iOS updates, increased censorship on social platforms, and live events holding an uncertain future, it's never been more important to build your email list and know how to monetize it than NOW.

Using my unique email marketing system that's customized for musicians, you'll know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

This is designed for musicians BY a musician who actually knows what they're doing in online marketing. There has never been another email marketing program that will deliver the kind of results this one will.

UPDATED & REVAMPED from our beta course in 2017 with 85% new content JUST recorded to be relevant for 2021 &2022 -- this is everything you NEED to build a healthy, thriving, and profitable email list ASAP.

This course will be LIFE-CHANGING if...

  • You can't get your fans to buy your music & merch consistently
  • You want to completely pay for your entire album costs from your fans, but don’t have a system
  • You haven’t mastered advertising, so previous lead generation was expensive!
  • You’ve tried building your email list before but didn’t have much success
  • You want to embrace crowdfunding, but don’t have a big enough audience to make it happen
  • You feel uncomfortable with selling or promoting yourself
  • You want to increase awareness about your music & brand, but have no idea how
  • You don’t have quality people who read every email and buy your products regularly
  • You don’t know what to write your fans and feel lost
  • You don’t have an email marketing plan that will increase your revenue year-round

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Learn Leah's exact system for creating these results. Use them in your music business and/or your own sister brand!

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Meet Your Mentor

Hey it's me, Leah. Here's why you should take my advice and take this course that I personally designed and created just to HELP YOU get results:

- I'm a multi-six-figure musician that's 100% independent and unsigned. I've never toured. Corona didn't affect me at all because I had these systems in place.

- I built SMA from scratch to multiple 7-figures in year 1.

- I started a sister brand to my music from scratch out of my kitchen and built it to 2.7 million dollars in 16 months using this email marketing system.

- I'm known as one of the biggest catalysts of change in the modern independent music scene by empowering musicians like you to take control of their own marketing.

- I genuinely care about you as a person and I care that you succeed and reach your dreams.-


Will I get a student discount?

Yes! If you join during our beta launch window you will receive a special student discount, which will be 50% less than the public pricing. Stay tuned for details!

How is this different from TOM?

TOM was designed to help you nail your niche, your brand, your social media, and your 5 streams of income WITHOUT advertising. This course is designed to help you do one thing: Build your email list using both organic & paid traffic (there's a whole module JUST on ads that are relevant to iOS updates and more) to help you skyrocket your revenue.... so you can FINALLY be a full-time musician (or significantly increase your profit!)

Will this be live?

Nope, Leah just finished recording all new material for you that's 100% relevant for 2021 and 2022 so you can watch it at your own pace and implement it ASAP!

I was part of the original SFS - how much of the course is new?

About 85% of the course is BRAND NEW material. The material we kept from the original is so good we had to keep it! -- mostly on the copywriting and sales language strategies! Everything else is updated and expanded -- and it's a monster of a course (but it's step-by-step so you won't be overwhelmed). COOL???!

Learn Leah's exact system for building a killer email list and monetizing it. This is the KEY to bigger album launches, bigger crowdfunding campaigns, and CONSTANT music and merchandise sales.

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