How To Sell Your Music Online

Even if You Have a Tiny Budget, Aren't Sure Where to Begin, and Can't Leave Your House


Dear Friend & Struggling Musician...

We are living in an unprecedented time... and many musicians, bands & songwriters are scrambling as all their live gigs & events have been canceled and their livelihood put on the line.

For 5 years now, we’ve been training tens of thousands of musicians on how to become an ONLINE musician, and it’s never been more relevant or important than now.

NOW IS THE TIME to build your foundation for a sustainable music career.... one that isn't completely compromised by economic uncertainty. Many of our students who have been working hard at this are thriving during this time! Just this month one of our students launched his new album and made over $16,000 -- even during an economic crisis -- his fans came through, and he ended up #2 on the Bandcamp charts.

There are a few things that you need to know to make it through this time and come out the other side profitably.

Here at Savvy Musician Academy, we are all about ACTION and PRACTICAL THINGS you can do that move the needle!

We know how much you are hurting right now, which is why we've decided to do something unprecedented for these unprecedented times.

We are offering an extremely affordable 3-week Mastermind on how you can start making money with your music now.

The classes will be put on by SMA founder Leah McHenry and her podcast co-host C.J. Ortiz.

The benefit of learning from Leah is that she's been an online musician for her entire career! She's built a multi-6-figure enterprise from her house and never tours! So she knows this stuff like the back of her hand.

CJ has been an online entrepreneur and branding expert for decades and is widely known on the internet as the "Metal Motivator". Between these 2, you can be certain you will have all the SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE and MOTIVATION to not just make it through these tough times - you will come out the other side with a completely new lease on life!

Start Making Money With Your Music Right Now

3 Live Workshops, Action Plans,

Support & Live Q&A


Friday, April 24th:
"Get Your Music Off the Ground ONLINE Action Plan"

Friday, May 1st:
"Get Massive Engagement & Sales For as Little as $1 Per Day"

Friday, May 8th:
"Getting Clear on Your Brand & Social Media For Maximum Impact"

All classes will be recorded & available to you forever!

In addition to the live classes teaching you how and what to do right now to make money with your music, we'll also provide a community, Q&A forum, for the duration of the Mastermind!



The New & Enhanced 'Zero to Hero' Guide & Video Lesson!

  • What to do when you have no recorded music (or no new music)
  • How to generate listeners NOW from scratch
  • How to get your very first followers
  • How to make your very first music sales - even if you don't have an album yet
  • How to create a mini "grassroots" movement from scratch
  • How to cultivate die-hard fans online ion 2020