Savvy Musician Academy Presents...

The Last LIVE Online Workshop of the Year!

"Explode Your Fanbase In 2020!" 

Launch Your ONLINE Music Career, Build A Global Fanbase In Your Sleep, And Build Multiple Streams of Income - Even If You Don't Tour



  • The Huge Mindset Shift
  • that all musicians, songwriters, composers & producers must have to succeed in 2020
  • The 4 Myths Musicians Believe
  • which keep them broke and unsuccessful every year
  • How Leah Made Her First $30,000 Online
  • with no advertising and only using social media & free traffic
  • Why Touring Is Optional and how Leah is able to make a full-time living from music sales alone and why she never tours
  • 3 Things You Should Stop Doing Immediately
  • and what you should start doing right now to build your music brand on the internet

Big Changes for 2020

If you've been tryng to figure out the best way to promote your music online and build your brand, we have good and bad news. 

The Bad News: There's more recorded music online today than every before. The ability to be "found" by potential fans has become increasingly difficult in the SEA of music out there. 

The Good News: Those who implement the steps in this live workshop will not only stand out in the ocean of other artists competing for attention, but they will actually SUCCEED and have the potential to create unlimited and lucrative careers for themselves. 

You do NOT want to miss the last live workshop of the year!

This Masterclass is a MUST-ATTEND if...

  • You're a musician, songwriter, singer, or composer who wants to build an audience online  
  • You know you need to add an online component to your existing music career, but you don't know how  
  • You want to learn how to build a recognizable music brand online that you can scale over time  

A Personal Invitation From Leah...

I've been building my music brand online since the day I launched my first album on the internet in 2012.

After nearly 5 albums, 500,000 followers, 15 million video views & streams, and half a million in music sales in the past 2.5 years... and all without doing one single gig or tour...  

I've figured out the exact ingredients it takes to create a sustainble music career using the internet alone.  

This brand new masterclass for 2019 is fresh with information and the culmination of everything I've learned to build a multiple 6-figure music business using nothing but an internet connection.  

If you've decided to take your dreams seriously and learn how to build your own music brand online, I invite you to attend this LIVE masterclass where I promise to deliver the best actionable advice on the planet.

Register now to reserve your seat!  

I'll see you there,