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Dear Friend & Struggling Musician...

We are living in an unprecedented time... and many musicians, bands & songwriters are scrambling as all their live gigs & events have been canceled and their livelihood put on the line.

For 5 years now, we’ve been training tens of thousands of musicians on how to become an ONLINE musician, and it’s never been more relevant or important than now.

NOW IS THE TIME to build your foundation for a sustainable music career.... one that isn't completely compromised by economic uncertainty. Many of our students who have been working hard at this are thriving during this time! Just this month one of our students launched his new album and made over $16,000 -- even during an economic crisis -- his fans came through, and he ended up #2 on the Bandcamp charts.

There are a few things that you need to know to make it through this time and come out the other side profitably.

Here at Savvy Musician Academy, we are all about ACTION and PRACTICAL THINGS you can do that move the needle!

We know how much you are hurting right now, which is why we've decided to do something unprecedented for these unprecedented times.


  • How To Make A Full-time Living
    No Matter What Genre, or if You're a Solo Artist, Band, or Composer
  • The 4 Myths Musicians Believe
    That Keep Them Broke and Unsuccessful
  • How Leah Made Her First $30,000 Online
    With no advertising and only using social media & free traffic
  • Why Touring Is Optional
    And how Leah is able to make a full-time living from music sales alone and why she never tours
  • 3 Things You Should Stop Doing Immediately
    And what you should start doing right now to build your music brand on the internet
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Tickets after that will be a charge of $200.