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The $300,000 Superfan System To


Are You Looking...

  • list-1

    …for a music marketing system you can follow?

  • list-2

    …long-term plan you can scale for the next 6 months, 10 months, 12 months, and beyond?

  • list-3

    …to create a profitable online source of music revenue that is consistent and scalable?

If you said YES to one of those questions, then I have another question for you…


Why are you here right now?

Chances are you’re here because...

  • You hate selling and don’t want to feel like a snake oil salesman
  • You’re very uncomfortable with promoting yourself & your music
  • You’re having a hard time getting online traction, despite spending what feels like hours on social media everyday
  • Frustrated by not having a proper road map on how to do digital marketing for music
  • You're tired of not making money from your music!
  • You’re dead serious about making music your full-time career (if it’s not already)
  • You’re dead serious about adding more revenue streams to your music business
  • You’re dead serious about scaling your business

Who Am I?
I’m nobody.

I’m not world famous, I’m a recording artist.

I stay home and homeschool my five kids, and I run my music business, and now I’m also a coach (which I’m almost as passionate about as my music).

And somehow, being a normal, non-famous, non-supermodel, average songwriter, I’ve been able to do very well and live a comfortable life.


I’m making multiple 6-figures annually from my online music business. About 70% comes from physical music and merchandise, and the other 30% comes from digital music sales & royalties (these numbers look different for everyone).

I love what I do, I love making music for my fans, and I love making a great income from my music.

Was this a fluke?

Was I at the right place at the right time?

If I could, I would jump up and down right now to tell you Heck. NO!! 

None of it was chance or fate.

I simply followed digital marketing practices that work.

I knew they would work for me because they work in any other business and every industry imaginable.

The problem is that digital marketing like E-commerce, Email marketing & Facebook Ads become pretty awkward when you try to translate it for music.

It's art, afterall.


That meant I had to not only learn the concepts and principles, I also had to do an insane amount of testing to try and make it seamless.


Over the last few years between SMA and my music business I’ve spent over a MILLION dollars in Facebook ads alone!

You can bet I learned a thing or two about marketing and what works and doesn’t work…


I want you to take your time and think through these seriously.


How many sales per month are you currently making right now?


How many sales per month do you WANT to be making?


What is the annual amount that adds up to?


What would it mean to you to be making those sales consistently?


What will life look like when you add that annual income every year?


How are you going to get there?


Don’t read past this point unless you have clear answers to those questions.

Got them?


Let’s say you’re qualified to use the Fan Funnels I’ve built...

...which generated $500,000 in music revenue in the past 2 years

... and say you use my system, and 12 months from now you made an extra 30-50k...

... and it took an investment of 10K dollars (which my program is nowhere near)...

...would that be a good or bad investment?

If you want those kinds of results, and you’re ready to use a complete digital marketing system to build a complete Fan Funnel, then you might be ready for The Superfan System Elite program.

Ok, what is the strategy?

I like to call it a recipe.

You need the right ingredients, and you need to mix them in the right order.


The recipe is called the ABC Method.


The bottom line is you can’t get more music sales unless you first attract NEW people, consistently and pretty aggressively.

They need to know you exist!

We do this by starting with HIGHLY TARGETED ADS. Not boosted posts - HELL NO (that’s a surefire way to flush your money down the toilet).

Did you know there are over 2000 filters in Facebook’s advertising platforms?? 2,000!!!

This means you have the ability to directly target your exact SuperFan with your music ads.


For example, I can show my ads to 25-30 Year old Males in Ireland who watch Game of Thrones and Vikings and also love Celtic Metal bands, eat Taco Bell, and play The Elder Scroll video games.


Suddenly it doesn’t matter that I’m not making pop music, because I’m able to zero in on the exact fan avatar who would fall in love with my music instantaneously!


I will teach you how to target your ideal fan by geographical area, interests, hobbies, niches, culture, movies, TV shows, books, games, other similar bands, and much more.


We will get your music EXPOSURE to the thousands of NEW potential fans within ONE WEEK of you being in the program.


Specifically, we want to build your email list.

And I don’t mean a few people here and there.

I mean… we build it aggressively!

Most people have no idea what an ASSET an email list is.

It’s literally digital real estate.

Did you know that if you go to sell a company, having an active email list actually increases the valuation?

Do you have an email list of fans right now?
Are they buying from you?

In The Superfan System Elite, you’ll build a huge email list of raving fans you can market to 365 days a year.

This is really the foundation of building any 6-figure music business.

I always joke with musicians...do you earn royalty checks through Likes, Shares & Comments?

Ha!  No!  You earn new sales through new SUPERFAN LEADS.

Would you rather have 1,000 followers, 1,000 likes, 1,000 comments on Facebook…

Or...100 potential superfans with names, emails, phone numbers, and physical addresses?

We GIVE YOU ALL THE AD CAMPAIGNS to place on Facebook.

Not only will we show you how to target your perfect Superfans,
we’ll tell you EXACTLY what the ads need to say.

When I talked about the $1 Million I’ve spent on ads...

Those will be the same ads you are going to be running!

They’re tested and they work.



= Attract


= Build


The reason I’ve had success is because I keep things really, really simple.

The key to success on Facebook is to stay focused on the ONE thing that is profitable.


What do you feel like is the ONE THING that gets you paid as a musician (on Facebook)?   New fans? More likes?


What makes you money… is RELEVANCY.

The right music, the right ad, the right emails, the right offer, the right ad campaigns at the right time.

This makes you relevant to your potential fans!



You attract new fans using the targeting we give you from years of experience and testing.

You build a list of those new fans using the exact ad campaigns we give you.

You convert those fans to SUPERFANS who buy from you, sometimes even the same day as discovering you.


Now here’s the coolest part...

...we teach you how to automate this entire process.

So that 365 days a year you’ve got ad campaigns on Facebook attracting and building your email list.

We show you how to automate the follow up process so that your new fans are coming in constantly, automatic emails are going out to your fans on a regular basis, and you’re making music sales while you sleep.

If you’re wanting that kind of system to help you add $X sales per month that you already predetermined, you’re committed to doing the required work, and all you need is a system and direct help from me… you’re definitely the type of musician I want to work with.


DIY Program


The Learning Center

Imagine logging in, sitting at your desktop, going through each video lesson, step by step, learning exactly how to build your own fan funnel…. Pressing the buttons, and seeing results!

It’s very methodical and each lesson builds upon the previous 7 kick-ass modules to take you from barely making any sales, to consistently getting new fans and new music sales every month.

I will walk you through my formula for…

  • Creating a real business plan and revenue goal
  • Identifying and Crafting your Artist Brand
  • Website Optimization and Makeover!
  • Attracting new superfans every single day worldwide
  • Building your superfan email list using proven opt-in techniques
  • Converting your email list into paying superfans
  • Creating effective FB ads - even if you’re just starting out
  • How to optimize your website & shop for more sales
  • How to add a lucrative e-commerce element to ramp things up!
  • Building a music brand you can scale

You will go through these steps for about 30 minutes a day.

On average, new potential superfans come in within 24 hours of launching your first ad.


Could you dedicate 30 minutes per day if you did it on your own schedule, whenever you wanted?


I’ve put together several promotional campaigns for you in the training that you get to literally COPY and PASTE! This includes:

  • Video Ad Campaign to Attract brand new fans
  • Build Your Email List Campaign
  • Build Your Warm Audience Campaign
  • Launch Your Album or Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Retargeting Web & Shop Visitors Campaign

We also train
you on

  • Budgeting & Business - How to Make Sure You’re Profitable
  • Following Up With Your Fans Regularly
  • Branding and Online Presence
  • Website Optimization to Make More Money

Essentially, you’re learning how to build a real music business.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED is in Pillar 1, the Fan Funnel Launch Center.  This is my blueprint. It’s what works in millions of other profitable businesses.

All you have to do is show up for 30 minutes a day.  

Can you see yourself following the blueprint? Logging into your account, watching the lessons, doing the work, and getting results?


The Tech Stack

In addition to the systems, the fan funnels, the support and the coaches, you ALSO get special access to all our recommended apps & tools to help you automate more and make more sales.

We will provide all the recommendations you need for email service providers, landing pages, shop, website -- along with tutorials on how to set it all up.


Our favorite website opt-in/landing pages. You’ll get a free 21 day trial (PLUS my best-converting templates will show up in your account!).


Our favorite automated email funnel system. You’ll get a 60 day free trial (we’ll copy proven sales campaigns directly into your account!).

You’ll also get priority access to other special offers that we have with these providers.

And the best part…

  • We will also give you pre-built email campaigns so you can literally plug and play with minimal tech work!
  • We even have PRE-WRITTEN emails for those campaigns that you can customize and use to convert regular fans into Superfans.
  • Additional offers, campaigns, and emails that have been tested by Leah, provided in real-time!
  • We’ll show you how to automate your entire Fan Funnel from start to finish.

We’re giving you everything you need...a complete DIY system.


ABC = Attract, Build, & Convert  training in Pillar 1


And our Tech Vault to help you automate your Fan Funnel in Pillar 4

Who should join (and who shouldn't)

Before you get too excited, let's get clear about who is qualified for this program.


  • You don't have any recorded music to sell (an EP will work - but you need music ready).
  • You aren't ready to invest in Facebook ads and have at least a small monthly budget ($100+)
  • You're not sure if your music is good (ask your friends/family/fans for their HONEST OPINION if you're not sure)
  • You're not ready to FOLLOW A PLAN EXACTLY
  • You quit easily
  • If you're a whiner, complainer, or tire-kicker


  • Your music is AWESOME.
  • Your recording quality is good, and the music is already validated by your fans and networks.
  • You have music ready to sell (Physical CDs, Vinyl, EP)
  • If you're about to launch an album within 3-6 months
  • You're ready to master digital marketing: E-commerce, Branding, Website, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Facebook Ads, etc.
  • You're ready to commit to this for the LONG TERM and not expecting overnight results

This is the best investment you could ever make in yourself and your online music business. If you tour extensively and want to add an online component to your business, or you are strictly a recording artist or composer, THIS IS FOR YOU.

Hear from a few students implementing this right now...

Lindsay Schoolcraft


Anna Brzozowska

Ambient Acoustic Alternative

Zo Tobi

Uplifting Gospel Folk-Rock

Chris Swan

Inspirational, Piano-Driven Hip-Hop

William Rustrum (Saint Luminus)

Electro Space Rock

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$298,763 + over $1Million spent on ads

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